SWAT Armored Van

A type of armored truck used by law enforcement, paramilitary and non-governmental organizations.
Lenco BearCat, LAPD SWAT


BearCat and B.E.A.R. side by side

  • In Chapter 31, Part 2 - Saul, Victor and CJ use an LAPD SWAT "armored van" to travel to the Colony.
  • In Chapter 36 one of the Maller's slaves uses the SWAT van in an attempt to escape the Colony. The escape was unsuccessful. The SWAT van is currently in the possession of the Colony.

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenco_BearCat

General Info:
  • The Lenco BearCat and B.E.A.R. are the primary armored vehicles currently used by the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Sheriff's Department SWAT teams.
  • The vehicles are built on the chassis of the Ford F-550 truck.
  • Both types protect against small arms fire and allow crew to fire out from the inside.
  • Both types have a 2 man crew, the BearCat can carry 10-12 personnel, while the B.E.A.R. can hold over 20 personnel.

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