SINCGARS is a family of short-range radios used by the United States Military.
Satellite Phones

  • Chapter 30, Part 1 the military recon team refers to SINCGARS when they try to contact their headquarters.
  • Chapter 34, Part 3 Datu finds a radio in an abandoned Hummer and uses it to call Fort Irwin. Puck identifies it as a call on SINCGARS, which Michael answers from inside a Blackhawk helicopter.

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General Info:
  • Frequency Type: FM
  • Average Range: Varies based on terrain and weather. Planning range is usually 0 to 25 miles.
  • Mount: Backpack with attached antenna, various vehicle, aircraft and building mounts with remotely wired antenna.
  • SINCGARS stands for "Single Channel Ground and Aircraft Radio System".
  • SINCGARS systems can use encryption and frequency-hopping to prevent eavesdropping by enemy forces.

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