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Full NameAnthony Robbins
Portrayed byTony Rey
First appearanceChapter 33 - Red Winter
Former OccupationHelicopter Crew Chief
ResidenceFort Irwin
Special TalentsMinigun


  • Full Name: Anthony Robbins
  • Former Occupation:
  • Special Talents: Helicopter Crew Chief and Door Gunner
  • Age:
  • First Appeared: Chapter 33 - Red Winter
  • Current Status: Deceased - Chapter 42-1
  • Call Sign: Little John


  • Colorado National Guardsman (2nd Battalion) pressed into active duty at Fort Irwin
  • Overweight and regularly teased about it by the other soldiers


  • Very possessive of his Blackhawk (Army helicopter). Likes to make jokes but sensitive to taking a joke.

[top]Notable In The Series


"Yeah, zombie apocalypse and I'm on Adult Friend Finder." - Robbins in 33 - Red Winter
"I thought I might get lonely so I stowed your mom back here." - Robbins in 33 - Red Winter
"I was trained on a Blackhawk." - Robbins in 35 - The End is Near

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