Raydon Labs

General Info:
A scientific research facility in downtown Los Angeles. Very few details have been provided.

Appears in:
  • Chapter 3, Part 3 - Saul, Angel and Burt are attacked on the roof by a zombie, which Burt kills. Burt declares that it was a "Smart One" and points out that there is a "Level Three ID for Radon Labs" on the body. Burt concludes, "Must have been pretty damned smart to get that badge".
  • Chapter 39, Part 1 - Randy was found carrying two containers of unknown chemicals with the Raydon Labs logo on them.
  • Chapter 39, Part 2 - Michael and the Fort Irwin soldiers plan to go to Raydon Labs. Kelly gets the address for them.
  • Chapter 39, Part 3 - Michael, Puck, Robbins, Muldoon, and Carl Thomas go to Raydon Labs to investigate. Many potential clues are found. A fight with Little Ones occurs. Raydon Labs is assumed to be burned to the ground.

Notable Info:
  • Probably a high level research facility, though no clue is given as to the scientific discipline.
  • It may be located near Burt's "Locked and Loaded" store.
  • It is located on Downy Road
  • The Level Three ID appears to have been left "clipped to the belt" of the smart one, which was killed and left on the roof of Burt's store.

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