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    another clue? Mark of the beast?

    Chapter 21- Mark of the Beast, Part 1 of 3

    One of the "Small Ones" has a # tattoo on the forearm. Animal Experimental Testing or human?

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    Where did the "Downy Road" input come from?

    I have been listening and haven't heard an address mentioned. They speak of one but never give it out. I searched for "Downy Road" in CA, got redirected to "Downey Road". "Downey Road" exists for all of 200ft and consists of only a metal workshop. However, if you travel down S Downey Road there are plenty of candidates.

    Michael said this of Radon Labs;
    "Plain square building, in the middle of an industrial complex in the city of Vernon. The outside had several cylindrical towers, and a few exhaust pipes coming out of the top. It was one of the plainest, mostly white, buildings in the area. The select bits of color came from multiple bits of paint patches that covered graffiti."

    Like I said there are any number of candidates on S Downey Road. My vote would be for 4633 Downey Road. Its plain, square, white, surrounded by cylindrical towers and has plenty of pipes coming from the top of it.
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