Full NameUnknown
Portrayed bySeth Peterson
First appearanceChapter 23
Final appearanceRecurring
Former OccupationMilitary Engineer
Special Talents"Grabbing"

Physical Traits: Bushy brown hair, and beard

[top]Zombie Information and Background

Randy is a zombie that Michael seems to know on a personal level. He is first mentioned while Michael is in a coma following his arm surgery in Chapter 19: "The Catalyst" (Hope tells him he was talking about someone named Randy in his sleep). He first appears in Chapter 23 carrying Tanya away while being surrounded by other zombies to protect him. Michael chases him and causes him to drop Tanya.

Randy may also have been a member of CJ's Tower as in Chapter 27 part 2, as Sean suggests to CJ to send 'Randy and the other techies' to the waterworks. This is confirmed in Chapter 41, where looking through the logs in Dunbar, found that he was one of the residents.

Presumably by his actions with Tanya and being surrounded by other zombies to protect his escape, Randy could be additionally categorized as a Smart One. This is confirmed in Chapter 41 where Michael calls him "One hell of a smart guy".

In Chapter 39 part 1, Michael writes in his journal that on March 1, 2010, he and Puck encounter Randy after Michael recognizes Randy's image recorded on an electronic game spotter. The image shows Randy carrying a crumpled plastic bag which he drops after Michael and Puck, unsuccessfully, give chase. The discarded bag contained two bottles of chemicals from Raydon Labs, and only the first two letters 'Fo" could be read from the label.

In Chapter 41, Michael revealed that Randy was in fact from another army unit, and was an engineer. When hiding from the Behemoth in the Water Works, Michael finds Randy underneath the floor with him. He was hiding from a group of zombies, including the Behemoth, that attacked his crew, who were attempting to fix the pumping station. After the Behemoth leaves, Michael and Randy attempt to escape, but before Randy can cross under the door, a regular comes and bites Randy, before it is killed. When Michael attempts to grab Randy and pull him through, the rubble falls onto his arm, breaking it. Randy is trapped on the other side, starting to turn, where Michael is unwilling to shoot him before he finishes the turning cycle. Before leaving, Michael blocks the hole with rubble to make sure Randy cannot escape (although still manages).


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