Full NamePippin Elder
Portrayed byRichard Tatum
First appearanceChapter 21 - Mark Of The Beast
Final appearanceChapter 22 - Our Doubts are Traitors
Former OccupationConvict
ResidenceThe Tower
Special TalentsDeception


It is of note that Pippin has an British accent. He stated that he was on holiday in California when the outbreak occurred, but this is revealed to be a lie in Chapter 27 when he is seen arriving from Hawaii on Kalani's plane.


  • Pippin flew into LAX with Kalani from Hawaii, and was sent to the tower as a mole for the mallers.


  • Pippin seems to be paranoid and cautious regarding his departure from the mallers. This would appear to be a bluff, so that he could gain the trust of the tower.
  • Tar Dust reveals that Pippin was quite annoying, and Scratch says she enjoyed brusing him.

[top]Notable In The Series

  • Mentioned by Scratch in 20 - About Last Night
  • First seen outside the tower by the Tower Residents
  • Was in poor shape when seen outside the tower.
  • Was killed in the Guard Room by Kalani with the silenced pistol.
  • In Chapter 24 we find out that Pippin was used as a mole for the mallers.
  • In Chapter 27 - episode 1: we learn that Pippin was with Kalani flying in from Hawaii.


"You should know that my gun is empty." - Pippin to Angel after arriving at the tower. 21 - Mark Of The Beast
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