Peggy Mitcham
Full NamePeggy Mitcham
NicknameChicken Little
Portrayed byElisa Eliot
First appearanceChapter 1 - It Begins
Final appearanceRecurring
Former OccupationFlorist at Wayside Flowers
ResidenceThe Tower
Special TalentsGardening, Sewing, and Painting
Romantic PartnersMichael
Parent(s)Father was a pilot


  • Full Name: Peggy Mitcham
  • Former Occupation: Florist
  • Special Talents: Botany, Swimming, Pilot's Assistant
  • Age: 23 at the beginning of the Story
  • First Appeared: Chapter 1 - It Begins: rescued by Michael, Saul, and Angel in the hummer shortly after escaping the Army Reserve Center on top of Wayside Flowers.
  • Current Status: Alive


  • Background: Going to school to be a botanist.
  • Her father let her take the controls every so often when flying planes. She has roughly 80 hours of flying time.


  • She is sweet natured, a bit of a hippy at heart, and doesn't condone killing. Refused to carry a gun or even learn how to use one for most of the series, but more recently has become more assertive with firearms.
  • She is somewhat dependent on Riley following their rescue by the soldiers, and tends to be a follower rather than a leader.
  • Has recurring nightmares after killing Latch in 12 - The War.
  • Doesn't like the smell of cigarette smoke.

[top]Notable In The Series

  • Took care of the (now worthless) Garden in the Tower.
  • Accidentally triggered the first Zombie attack on the Tower by knocking a flower pot off a balcony.
  • Adopted a stray cat Mr. Whiskers that she found wandering in the Tower upon their arrival.
  • Current love interest of Michael Cross.


"Why is everyone we meet a big aggressive a-hole?" - Pegs in 17 - There Might Be Others

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