Full NamePaul Bailey
First appearanceChapter 3 - The New Arrivals
Final appearanceChapter 11 - R&R
Former Occupationunknown
ResidenceThe Tower


  • Full name: Paul Bailey
  • First notable appearance: Chapter 11 - R&R
  • Special Talents: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Current Status: Deceased


  • One of the New Arrivals.
  • He was in the Guard Room when The one with the Markings arrives at The Tower. Paul called down the Code and "Ink" punched it in and got past the first door. Ink hid his face so they were reluctant to let "Ink" in. Paul went down to main door and cracked it to take a look. "'Ink" jumped him / Killed Him / Chowed Down on him.
  • Was honored as one of the fallen after the War.


  • Concerned about appearance. Still dresses is in a Suit Coat, most likely to retain some sort of Normalcy.

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