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Full NameWarrant Officer Greg Muldoon
Portrayed byShaun Lewin
First appearanceChapter 33 - Red Winter
Final appearanceDead
RankWarrant Officer
Former OccupationArmy Warrant Officer - Blackhawk pilot
ResidenceFort Irwin
Special TalentsHelicopter pilot


  • Full Name: Warrant Officer Greg Muldoon
  • Former Occupation: Warrant Officer - Blackhawk pilot
  • Special Talents: Helicopter pilot
  • Age:
  • First Appeared: Chapter 33
  • Current Status: Deceased - Chapter 42-1


  • US Army Warrant Officer at Fort Irwin.
  • Blackhawk pilot.


  • Able to crack jokes, even under pressure.
  • Likes to pick on Specialist Robbins. A lot.

[top]Notable In The Series

  • Chapter 35: Helped Michael load the KODI decoy on the Pelican and volunteered to pilot the Pelican.
  • Chapter 36 -


"Well, I can run. You? You're pretty much f###ed." - Muldoon in Chapter 35

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