Mr. Whiskers
NicknameEdward Scissorskitty, Zombie Kitty
Portrayed bySir Purcules Po
First appearanceChapter 2 - The Two Things
Final appearanceRecurring
Former OccupationCommunity Pet of the Tower, though Pegs is the primary caretaker
ResidenceThe Tower
Special TalentsPresumed to be immune to the zombie infection. Nearly getting Pegs killed repeatedly


  • Full Name: Mr. Whiskers
  • Former Occupation:
  • Special Talents: Presumed to be immune to the zombie infection. Nearly getting Pegs killed repeatedly
  • Age:
  • First Appeared: Chapter 2- The Two Things
  • Current Status: Alive


  • Mr. Whiskers originally belonged to Gina, a resident of the Tower and was adopted by Pegs.


  • Mr. Whiskers is a cat, therefore has a holier than thou personality for a majority of the time, but will occasionally be cuddly and friendly.

[top]Notable In The Series

Mr. Whiskers has nearly gotten Pegs killed twice.
  • Upon discovering Mr. Whiskers, he scratched Pegs before anyone knew if he was infected and Saul, Michael and Angel trained their guns on her until they realized Pegs was ok.
  • Pegs went chasing after Mr. Whiskers during Chapter 12 - The War and nearly got blown up by a pipe bomb. The explosion cut Pegs and an unconscious Michael off from the rest of the Tower group and forced Pegs to kill Latch.

Discovered by Saul to be alive (and fatter) in Chapter 26 - Who Overcomes...


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