M2 50 Caliber Machinegun

The M2 50 Caliber Machine Gun
M2 50cal
Ammunition.50 BMG (12.799mm NATO)
Maximum effective range1800m Target
Muzzle velocity890 meters per second
Cyclic rate of fire850-1200 rounds per minute
Magazine capacityUses belt-fed ammunition
Weight83.78 lb weapon only, 127.87 lb with tripod
The M2 50 Caliber has been the primary heavy machinegun of the US Army since 1918. Designed during WW1 by John Browning, it remains in production and in worldwide use today with only minor changes to the original design. The M2 is used by ground troops (mounted on a tripod), on virtually every type of vehicle, on helicopters and on aircraft.

Commonly referred to as a "50 Cal", or a "Ma Deuce" by Army soldiers.

  • Chapter 2 - Burt has a 50 Cal among the illegal items in his secret vault.
  • Chapter 20 - Burt and Saul rig a mount on the Tower's Hummer so it can mount the 50 Cal as part of their plan to attack the Mallers and rescue Lizzie.
  • Chapter 24 - Saul and Victor use the Hummer with 50 Cal to attack the Mallers who are attacking the Tower.
  • Chapter 25 - Saul and Victor recover the 50 Cal from the wrecked Hummer and take it with them. They are chased by a Behemoth, and use the 50 Cal, fired from the bed of a pickup with no mount, to discourage it.
  • Chapter 36 - Fort Irwin's defenders used 50 Cals to good effect against Little Ones, but have to withdraw when they are hit with CS Gas. Michael, Puck and Carl use a Hummer with a 50 Cal to rescue Riley, Pegs and Kelly. When they depart Fort Irwin on the Pelican they take the 50 Cal with them.
  • Chapter 37 - The 50 Cal from Fort Irwin is put in an expedient mount in a truck. Puck is able to use it to kill a Little One. Saul mentions that he and Victor still have the 50 Cal from Burt's safe, but that it is broken and was left at Dunbar Apartments.

Wikipedia Article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M2_Browning


M2 50 Caliber being fired on a tripod
M2 50 Caliber Being Fired on a Tripod


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