Locked and Loaded

General Info:
Single story retail gun shop with wood floors and arranged like an old west store.
  • Contains at least one large gun safe and a well protected vault containing a number of controlled (and potentially illegal) weapons, including a silenced pistol and Claymore mines. Also hidden inside the vault is Shirley, a Desert Eagle .50 named after Burt's deceased wife.

Appears in:
  • Chapter 3 - Saul and Angel head to Locked and Loaded for weapons and ammo.
  • While Michael, Pegs and Kelly were down south during the Colony mission, Burt ordered the rest of his vault be emptied to shore up the Tower's weapon supply.

Notable Info:
  • Owned by Burt, where he was found locked in the bathroom and unconscious by Angel and Saul in Chapter 3.
  • Looted by the Mallers prior to Angel and Saul's visit. They expertly broke into a gun safe behind the counter and took an RPG along with 10 rounds from it .


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