Little Ones
NameLittle Ones
Skittles' NicknameLittle Ones
Other NicknamesFrom Forum: ADLO (Advanced Little Ones) & Inklings
DepartureStill Present in W.A.
Sighted AtArmy Reserve Center, The Maller's Convoy ambush, Chinook crash site, Boulder, Fort Irwin, the Colony
Special AbilitiesSpeech, Turning Humans into Little Ones
Physical TraitsLong, sharp finger nails, Very tough skin

[top]Zombie Information and Background

  • The Little Ones are a newer zombie in the We're Alive zombie pantheon. First appearing hidden in the shadows of the store rooms of the Army Reserve Center, they left behind an unknown slime on the boxes of M.R.E.'s being transported by Angel and Kalani. Seem to be natural hunters and know when they are at a disadvantage and prefer to attack from above. Skittles mentions their funny way of moving without going into detail.

  • During the attack on the Maller convoy in chapter 21, a Little One loses it's arm when Bricks breaks it off in the car door. Upon inspection, the Mallers take note of the seemingly endless fingers and the uncommonly long and sharpened fingernails. They also take note of the number "5" tattooed on the forearm.

  • While most zombies were most definitely human at one point, it seems to be unknown if the Little Ones were ever human in the first place. The autopsy of Little One #2 performed by Tanya revealed that little ones basically have the same inner organs as humans; but she also uncovers a few differences: the heart is a lot bigger and is connected to much more arteries compared with the average human heart; the bones have a yellow tinting; and teeth are extracted easily; their skin is very thick and without pigmentation - (#33-3). Therefore it is safe to assume that little ones were humans in the first place.

  • Little-ones have a tough skin as well, which is capable of stopping shots very well. This physiological ability already takes place minutes after the infection. Also little-ones don't seem to be slowed down by cold temperature.

  • The "Little Ones" also seem to grow rather fast and can turn into 6'9'' tall but skinny zombies. Each with a different number tattooed on the arm.

  • "Little Ones" appear to turn humans into other "Little Ones." It is not known if these are the only type of zombie that do this (turn like into like).

  • "Little Ones" have been associated to the hospital. Inside the mental asylum the mention of nails on the floor and a ink machine.

  • In Chapter 37, it is revealed the Little One's are capable of speech.

[top]Numbers in the story

As mentioned, the Little Ones are numbered. Here is the list of Identified Little Ones, their appearances and current status:
1. Was killed after the prolonged or second surge of attacks on the Colony - (Ch 37-1) - DEAD*
2. Was on the Chinook crash-side (Ch 33-2) - DEAD*
3. Was killed by Victor with the Mata Gun as he and Michael were escaping the tunnel during the finale. (Ch 48)
4. Was killed by Saul inside of the tunnel in the series finale. (Ch 48) DEAD*
5. Attacked Lizzy and Bricks - Removed forearm. Attacked Victor at Colony, injected in the eye with drugs, mini-gunned (Ch 36) - DEAD*
6. Attacked Roman (Ch 30) - DEAD* (Wasn't 9, Confirmed by Kc)
7. AKA Lucky #7. Attacked a regular zombie in Inglewood (Ground Zero); fired upon by Tanya; Attacked Tanya and Victor. They escaped by shooting a scuba tank, causing it to jet away and drag #7 along the ground. #7 can be heard in the distance prior to Victor and Tanya leaving Ground Zero. (Ch 40-2) FATE UNKNOWN!*
8. Attacked Saul at Colony, set on fire by Lizzie, gunned down by mini-gun (Ch 36) - DEAD*
9. Attacked Datu, Glenn and Jay at the colony. Killed, possibly by the Mata gun (40-3) DEAD*
10. * Likely DEAD*
11. Was part of a second surge of attack against the Colony soon after the first attack in #36 - (Ch 37-1) - DEAD*
12. Attacked Fort Irwin's Team in Long Beach. (Ch 30-1) DEAD*
13. Died during birth. It's remains were found still attached to its, also dead, mother when Michael, Victor and Datu were exploring the ruins of the Arena. [Ch 44-2) DEAD*

* In Chapter 39 part 3 an undetermined Little One is killed by the Pvt. Carl Thomas when the soldiers investigate Raydon Labs.

Lucky #7's whereabouts are not known at the time of the finale. It is never revealed whether it is still at large during the epilogue large or if it succumbed to the rapid aging of the other Little Ones.
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