NicknameMy Girl (by Saul)
Portrayed byBarkley
First appearanceChapter 5 - Lady and the Tink
Final appearanceRecurring
Former OccupationStress Reliever
ResidenceBoulder, Colorado
Special Talentswell-trained, will not bark unless Saul commands her, can almost follow scents
Other RelationsSaul (owner)


  • Full Name: Lady
  • Former Occupation: Puggle
  • Special Talents: well-trained, will not bark unless Saul commands her, can almost follow scents
  • First Appeared: Chapter 5 - Lady and the Tink
  • Current Status: Alive


Lady is a female puggle who was rescued by Saul after he returned from overseas. She was locked in his house during the outbreak and survived several days alone with the help of an automatic food and water dispenser. Saul was able to retrieve her during a mission with Lizzy and Burt in 5 - Lady and the Tink.


[top]Notable In The Series

  • Lived in Saul and Lizzy's apartment in The Tower.
  • Was moved to top floor, thinking the barking could be heard by anyone or thing outside of The Tower.
  • Escaped from The Tower in Hope's backpack to the helicopter in the other rooftop in 24 - The Harder They Fall.
  • Relocated to Boulder, Colorado from Fort Irwin.


"Bark! Bark!" - 5 - Lady and the Tink

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