Kelly Maynard
Full NameKelly Maynard
Portrayed byTammy Klein
First appearanceChapter 3 - The New Arrivals
Final appearanceRecurring
Former OccupationLawyer
ResidenceThe Tower


  • Full Name: Kelly Maynard
  • Former Occupation: Lawyer
  • Special Talents: Driving
  • Age: 35 at the beginning of the Story
  • First Appeared: Chapter 3 - The New Arrivals, Arrived at the tower with Tommy after seeing the large sign that Pegs put up.
  • Current Status: Alive


  • Background: Is Tommy's over-protective aunt. She had a hard time transitioning to a life where her status or wealth didn't account for anything. Has had two previous marriages
  • She was babysitting Tommy and his sister Lucy at the time of the incident.
  • She had to flee with Tommy after Lucy turned in the outbreak. He resents her for leaving his sister behind.


  • Kelly was very detached from any sort of maternal instincts, but has transitioned more and more as the series continues.
  • Consistantly challenged Michael's authority and almost every decision made for the betterment of the Tower in Season 1.
  • Became more helpful and willing to go out on missions after seeing her nephew killed.

[top]Notable In The Series

  • Kept Saul stable after he'd been shot by Burt.
  • Led a mini-rebellion early on in Season 1.
  • Went with Michael and Pegs into the field to find help for Saul's injuries/illness.
  • Was detained by the Colony and forced to work nights on laundry duty. Escaped with the Tower group during the revolution against Marcus.


"Please, don't. I don't want to go out there" - Kelly after nearly being attacked by a zombie in 4 - Rules and Regulations
"Que sera sera" - Kelly while tending to Saul in Chapter 13 - Separate Dying Embers

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