Skittles' NicknameJumper
Other NicknamesNone
First appearanceChapter 12
Sighted AtThe Tower
Special AbilitiesCapable of long, superhuman jumps
Physical TraitsLong muscular legs, exceptionally tall

[top]Zombie Information and Background

A very rare breed of zombie, Jumpers have only made one known appearance in We're Alive. During the War, a jumper leaped from an adjacent building into the Tower. It kicked Saul hard enough that Saul likened it to being kicked by a horse. This jumper was shot in the chest with a shotgun at point blank range causing its guts to spray on multiple survivors, including Tommy. Tommy was subsequently turned by the jumper's blood that got into an open wound on his neck.

According to KC Wayland the Jumper that is mentioned above covered a distance of thirty feet long by ten feet high. That is approximately thirty-two feet in length.
According to Skittles in chapter 17 Jumper are long gone.


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