James Joseph Gleason, IV
Jim Gleason
AffiliationsSAG and AFTRA
BirthdayMay 30
HometownBarstow, CA
Special TalentsNone except the guitar facts below
Cast StatusActive
Facebook Jim Gleason


Born in New Orleans, LA. Moved to Mandeville as a child. Lived in southern Ohio for a while as a teen. Graduated Mandeville High School. B.A. from Tulane University (Theater). Moved to Los Angeles in late 1997. Operates his own audition/acting school.

[top]Fun Fact

Taught himself to play guitar and have performed on L.A.'s Sunset Strip with two bands he organized. Have had the lead in two musicals, Hair and Little Shop of Horrors. Big Batman fan.

[top]Stories from the Set of We're Alive

Auditioned for We're Alive on the spur of the moment (so glad he did!). Jim is one of only two cast members to record in swim trunks while submerged in a small pool. "Kc didn't make the water warm enough!! Poor Elisa and I were freezing by the time we finished!"


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