Hydra Rockets

Hydra Rockets are 70mm unguided rockets that are used as a main weapon system on US and NATO combat helicopters. Hydra rockets are typically mounted in 7 round containers mounted on either side of a helicopter fuselage, and are aimed and fired by the pilot.

Link to Wikipedia Article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydra_70

  • Chapter 34 Part 3 - The Blackhawk helicopter dispatched from Fort Irwin is armed with Hydra Rockets and a minigun.

Hydra Rockets alongside a Hellfire Missile

Hydra Rockets mounted on helicopter with minigun

  • 70mm folding fin aerial rocket
  • Maximum effective range: 4.5 miles (6.5 miles maximum range)
  • Warhead Weight: 8.8 to 17 pounds, depending on type
  • Warhead Types: Anti-Personnel, High Explosive, Smoke/Incindiary (white or red phosphurus), Explosive Sub-Munition, Anti-Tank

  • Originally developed in the 1970s as a replacement for WW2 era rockets.
  • First used in Vietnam and in every subsequent US armed conflict.
  • Standard armament on US helicopters, including the Blackhawk.

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