An environmentally friendly type of car used by the survivors.

  • Chapter 2 - part 3: Introduced as cars in Saul's Motor-pool.
  • Chapter 5 - parts 1, 2, and 3: One is the car used in the Fuel Truck mission by Saul, Burt and Lizzy. In part 3, Saul and Lady are nearly killed when the car is attacked by zombies and the car was badly crushed.
  • Chapter 16 - part 3: Latch's body is left by the crushed hybrid.

General Info:

Though the exact models are unknown, Saul retrofitted some hybrids located in the motor pool for scavenging missions
  • Quieter and smaller than the Hummer.
  • Uses regular gasoline in addition to electric power. Does not need diesel like the Hummer.


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