Facts About All Zombies

How People Turn
  • Being bitten or scratched by an infected person.
  • Contact with infected blood--and possibly other bodily fluids such as saliva--in a wound or other direct entry route into the body.
    • A Tower resident's journal revealed that fluids contact to undamaged skin had no affect.
    • Riley says that she and Pegs witnessed people under attack coming into contact with infected blood and turning.
  • In the vast majority of cases turning takes place rapidly after exposure, anywhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • In a small minority of those exposed to a bite or blood, (ie: "Slow Turners") the change may take days, weeks or even months.
  • It is unknown at present if anyone is permanently immune or resistant.

How the Zombies Can Tell Where People Are
  • As in humans, sight, smell, and hearing
  • Particularly attracted to the smell of blood and the pheromones in sweat.
  • Their sense of smell can be overpowered by chemicals with a strong scent, ie perfumes or alcohol.
  • Alcoholic drink may either disguise humans or repel zombies.

Notable Facts
  • Zombies rest and/or sleep.
  • The zombies are cannibals.
  • No animals have been observed to turn.
  • Zombies seem to build a tolerance to chemicals and harmful impacts quickly (ie: homemade chloroform and bullets).
  • Some zombies take more than one bullet to bring down.
  • The zombies in L.A. were observed to carry both their dead victims and fellow zombies back to the the Arena.
  • Not all zombies retrieve their dead as the L.A. zombies do. This fact is stated by Victor, near the Colony.
  • Not all zombies use the the Arena as a home base. Some prefer to live on an island, etc.
  • In general Zombies (especially regulars) hunt or roam in packs; but smaller numbers or single Zombies are encountered as well in almost any region.
  • Although some Zombies or groups of Zombies are encountered during the daytime, only a few days after the outbreak the higher threat from Zombies is during the night.
  • Clear distinction between zombies that lead and zombies that follow.
  • Burt mentioned that he believes that the smarter you were in life, the smarter you are as a zombie.
  • Based on the descriptions from the main characters journals, the "zombies" are all described as having some sort of deformity or super human strength or ability.
  • Uncertain whether zombies are actually dead. Necessity of food and sleep points otherwise.
  • According to Tanya Zombies need food and air as normal living beings.

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