EOD Robots

Bomb disposal robot modified by the Army at Fort Irwin to lure zombies into a kill zone, then kill them with explosives. Michael gave this system the acronym K.O.D.I. for "Killing Ordinance Deployment Initiative".

Link to Wikipedia Article: wiki[/AUTOLINK]/Military_robot

  • Chapter 33-1 - The Chapter opens with a successful test deployment of K.O.D.I. in Yermo. The robot was rigged with a human silouhette, a sweat bottle it could break when ready, and a loudspeaker over which it could broadcast distress calls designed to attract zombies. It also had an explosive charge designed to kill the zombies around it once they were lured in. This test killed approximately 15 zombies.
  • Chapter 35 -

  • Chapter 36 -

Talon EOD Robot with control unit

Johnny 5 from Short Circuit and Wall-E

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