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    18 years after the original STORY OF SURVIVAL, a new generation is forced to grow up in the post-apocalypse. The Infected have evolved into new deadly varieties, and humanity’s efforts to reclaim our lost civilization have put us in conflict with our greatest enemy: Ourselves. Now the countdown begins as the children of the survivors work to make sense of this deadly new world before it consumes them and everything they know and love.

    [b]Season 1:[/b]
    [*][wiki]1 - The Walls Between Us[/wiki]
    [*][wiki]2 - The Survivors of 590[/wiki]
    [*][wiki]3 - The Other Side of The Wall[/wiki]
    [*][wiki]4 - Pre-Game[/wiki]
    [*][wiki]5 - Survival of the Fittest[/wiki]
    [*][wiki]6 - From Life... Till Death[/wiki]
    [*][wiki]7 - Bury the Past[/wiki]
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