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    | name = Datu
    | fullname = Datu Mata
    | nickname =
    | group = The Tower
    | image = [file]DatuPortrait.jpg|center|Datu Mata[/file]
    | actor = [wiki="Jay Olegario"]Jay Olegario[/wiki]
    | debut = [wiki="1 - It Begins"]Chapter 1 - It Begins[/wiki]
    | departure = [wiki="44 - Life and Death"]Chapter 44 - Life and Death[/wiki]
    | gender = Male
    | Date of Birth =
    | rank =
    | occupation = Tower Maintenance Man
    | residence = [wiki]The Tower[/wiki]
    | Talent = Maintenance, Electronics
    | Spouse = Separated
    | Ex-Wife =
    | Ex-Husband =
    | Romantic =
    | parent(s) =
    | child(ren) = In the Philippines
    | sibling(s) =
    | grandparent(s)=
    | other =
    [*]Full Name: Datu Mata
    [*]Former Occupation: Maintenance Man
    [*]Special Talents: He can fix almost anything.
    [*]Age: 32 at the beginning of the series.
    [*]First Appeared: In [wiki="1 - It Begins"]Chapter 1 - It Begins[/wiki], he was trapped in the elevator to the lobby on the first floor of [wiki]The Tower[/wiki] . He was rescued by [wiki="Michael"]Michael [/wiki], [wiki="Saul"]Saul [/wiki] , and [wiki="Angel"]Angel [/wiki].
    [*] [B]Current Status: Deceased[/B]
    [*]Background: Has been building maintenance in The Tower for five years.
    [*]He lived on the 2nd floor and had been saving money to send back home to his family in the Philippines.
    [*]He was taking classes in his free-time to get his contracting license.
    [*]Hometown: The Diliman district of Quezon City on the island of Luzon in the Philippines
    [*]Datu is somewhat religious, as seen when he mentions praying in casual conversation. It is assumed that he is Catholic due to his reference to Purgatory in [wiki="10 - Purgatory"]Chapter 10[/wiki]. He is very sensitive emotionally and can be wishy-washy. At first, he seems to be the bright optimist, but after he returns from [wiki]The Arena[/wiki], he seems to have lost hope.
    [h="2"]Notable In The Series[/h]
    [*]Chief Mechanic and in charge of the Generator
    [*]Captured by zombies and taken to the Arena in Chapter 9 and 10.
    [*]During time in captivity develops romantic feelings towards a fellow captive, [WIKI]Samantha[/WIKI].
    [*]Because of his time spent at the tower as maintenance, he knew Angel's now [wiki="Cindy"]deceased girlfriend[/wiki], and had previously seen [WIKI]Angel[/WIKI] around the building.
    [*]At some point in time taught [WIKI]Tommy[/WIKI] how to run the generator allowing him to leave the tower on missions from time to time
  2. -
    [*]Attacked, along with [WIKI]Glenn[/WIKI] and [WIKI]Jay[/WIKI], by [WIKI]Randy[/WIKI] and some zombies at the Water Mill. Bitten byRandy.
  3. +
    [*]Attacked, along with [WIKI]Glenn[/WIKI] and [WIKI]Jay[/WIKI], by [WIKI]Randy[/WIKI] and some zombies at the Water Mill. Bitten by Randy.
    [*] Became a "slow-turner".
    [*] Put down peacefully by [WIKI]Michael[/WIKI] and [WIKI]Victor[/WIKI] in the Arena after succumbing to the bite.
    |text = "Where are your tanks and shit? I mean you are the US Army right?" - after being rescued from the elevator in [wiki]1 - It Begins[/wiki]
    |text = "There's still hope...there's always hope" - to [wiki]Samantha[/wiki] when he starts tunneling through the wall in the Arena in [WIKI]10 - Purgatory[/WIKI]
    |text = "Shut up, [WIKI]Burt[/WIKI]!" - after Burt treated Datu like a hound dog in [WIKI]13 - Separate Dying Embers[/WIKI]
    |text = "Ano ka ba?! Sinuswerte?!" - after Burt asked him about the lost supplies in [WIKI]13 - Separate Dying Embers[/WIKI]
    |text = "Doesn't matter when that person is all you have. Everyone needs someone to look to... to lean on. When they're gone, you're not whole." - on how insignificant time is in regards to love in [wiki]21 - Mark of the Beast[/wiki]
    |text = "We're fine, I can fix this." - talking about the Helicopter after it landed in [wiki]25 - Inadequate Strength[/wiki]


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