Full NameChinwei Jiang
NicknameC.J., The Queen
Portrayed byConstance Parng
First appearanceChapter 26 - Who Overcomes
Former Occupationunknown
ResidenceThe Other Tower
Special TalentsLeadership, Bookkeeping
Romantic PartnersSean


  • Full name: Chinwei Jiang
  • Ethnicity: Chinese-American (based on name and fluent American accent)
  • Former Occupation: unknown
  • Special Talents: hand-to-hand combat, some knowledge of weapons, alarms, logistics, and stealth tactics.
  • First Appeared: 26 - Who Overcomes Appears in response to an alarm intentionally tripped by Saul on the gate leading to a hidden food 'farm'.
  • Current status: Alive


  • Chinwei is 'C.J.', the leader of the other tower.
  • Currently lives in a large reinforced apartment building or hotel, which is assumed to be the other tower
  • She mentions having been with many others, all of whom are now either dead or gone. It is assumed that these were the other tower members and that their final destruction was brought about by a zombie infiltration.
  • Has apparently survived by stealth and guile since the fall of her tower.
  • Leader of The Other Tower until its invasion.
  • Reported to have been killed during the creature invasion of The Other Tower according to Kalani
  • Special Talents: high intelligence, strong leadership
  • She has a lactose intolerance (chapter 40-2)


  • Extremely strong-willed (continues to survive even after all her associates have died)
  • Has a high sense of self (she tells Saul that she's "not just some nobody"}
  • High standard of ethics (judging by her disdain for Mallers--she calls them "animals" in Ch. 26)
  • Very organized (organized system of notes; complex defense system in her tower)

[top]Notable In The Series

  • Orignial leader of the Dunbar tower
  • One of the last people left alive during the fall of Dunbar, along with Duncan, Kalani and Samantha
  • Loses her left leg in a duel against Scratch, inside of The Colony
  • Becomes leader of The Colony, after being liberated from The Mallers


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