General Info: The Tunnels are a way for Ink and the zombies to travel around Los Angeles without being detected by observers, such as any survivors, to get to his hideouts.

Known entrances:
  • The Church
  • The Arena

Suspected entrances:
  • Near The Hospital
  • Near The Jail

Appears in:
  • Chapter 44 - Michael, Victor and Datu find the entrance of the tunnel at the Church, where they have to run into it to escape from Ink. They then come across a split in the path, where they then take one path that leads towards the Arena. It is not known where the other path leads.
  • Chapter 45 - Michael and Victor leave the Arena, heading back to the gun truck, which is located at the Church. Upon arrival, they find that the entrance to the Tunnel has been blocked off, meaning they cannot access it from their no longer.
  • Chapter 47 - Michael, Saul, and Victor go back to the Arena to set up spotters, and find more tunnel entrances in buildings around them.

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