Cain General Hospital

General Info: A large Hospital in LA.
  • Very large hospital.
  • When viewed from above, it forms the shape of a cross.
  • Approximately 16 stories tall.
  • The Lobby roof looks more like a church than a hospital. It has images of famous historical healers on the roof.
  • The Bell Helicopter was on the roof.
  • Cain Mental Hospital
    • Part of the hospital, but is unmarked on the hospital map.
    • A sign that reads "CAIN MENTAL HOSPITAL - I BRING RELIEF TO TROUBLED MINDS" marks the entrance to the wing.
    • Appears to be where the Little Ones and Big Ones are being made.
    • The One With Markings is also seen there.

  • Mentioned as being searched by Michael's teams some time between mid-December 2009 and early March 20120. Found to be abandoned at the time.

Appears in:
  • Chapter 15 - At the meeting, Burt says that Riley took a team to a hospital. She says that they only made it to the 1st floor, because the zombies were stalking one.
  • Chapter 22 - James and Jakob spot a large helicopter on the roof of the hospital from a nearby rooftop.
  • Chapter 23 - Angel, Kalani, Burt and Riley go on a mission to the hospital to get a helicopter. They are pursued by an army of zombies. The team get trapped in a room with only a door between them and several zombies. Riley and Kalani escape using a rope made of bed sheets, but it breaks before Angel and Burt can get down. Riley and Kalani explore through a mental ward, which is hidden away under the hospital. They find the generators for the hospital and put them on, which turns on the elevators. They then rescue Burt and Angel using Burt's explosive charges and the elevators, and escape to the roof. They find the Bell helicopter and Kalani flies them off in it.

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