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    | name = Burt
    | fullname = Burt Scott
    | nickname = Gunny, Raven
    | group = The Tower
    | image = [file]BurtPortrait.jpg|center|Burt Scott[/file]
    | actor = [wiki="Scott Marvin"]Scott Marvin[/wiki]
    | debut = [wiki="3 - The New Arrivals"]Chapter 3 - The New Arrivals[/wiki]
    | departure = Recurring
    | gender = Male
  2. -
    | Date of Birth =
  3. +
    | Date of Birth = [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]March 3, 1947[/FONT][/COLOR]
    | rank = E-7, Gunnery Sergeant
    | occupation = Gun Shop Owner
    | residence = [wiki]The Tower[/wiki]
    | Talent = Sniper/Quick Draw
    | Spouse = Shirley (Deceased)
    | Ex-Wife =
    | Ex-Husband =
    | Romantic =
    | parent(s) =
    | child(ren) =
    | sibling(s) =
    | grandparent(s)=
    | other =
    [*]Full Name: Burt Scott
    [*]Former Occupation: Gun Shop Owner
    [*]Rank: E-7, Gunnery Sergeant
    [*]Special Talents: Sniper/Quick Draw
    [*]Age: 60 at the beginning of the Story
    [*]First Appeared: [wiki="3 - The New Arrivals"]Chapter 3 - The New Arrivals[/wiki], Rescued in the bathroom of his Gun Shop, "Locked and Loaded", by Saul and Angel.
    [*] [B]Current Status: Alive[/B]

    [*]Background: Former USMC (Marine Corps). Burt was one of the best shots in the US, used to shoot in competitions, until he abruptly stopped in 2006.
    [*]Used to being the one in charge, and enjoys telling people what to do. Burt can easily analyze a situation and develop a plan of action, however, that idea may not be perfect.
    [*]Is very headstrong and immune to torture when it comes to protecting the ones he respects or maybe even likes (Chapter 31).
    [h="2"]Notable In The Series[/h]
    [*]Rations and Stocks the Weapons and Ammo supply for the building
    [*]Original owner of the generator used in the tower.
    [*]Had a "secret safe" filled with ammunition, weapons, explosives and "Shirley."
    [*]Takes over leadership in the Tower in Chapter 14 after the War.
    [*]Accidently shoots Saul while intoxicated during the War.
    [*]Is skeptical about Saul's condition and insists on keeping him in restraints.
    [*]Stepped down from leadership (Chapter 20) after a confrontation with other Tower residents when Lizzy fell asleep on guard duty resulting in a zombie attack. Burt merely wanted to give her extra work as punishment but Lizzy decided to leave per the rules and regulations to maintain order.
    [*]Was being held captive by The Mallers (Chapter 24 - Chapter 35-2)
    [*]In captivity he looses his trigger finger due to torture of Scratch (Chapter 31-2)
    [*]Runs away to find the remains of The Mallers, along with Riley, when nothing is done to hunt them down (Chapter 38-2)
    [*]Returns to the Colony, meeting Tanya and Saul at the Mortuary, without Riley (whereabouts unknown)
    [*] Ended up having a pet goat as a pet which goes by the name Dog
    |text = "I stand corrected, miss!" - [WIKI]Burt[/WIKI] to [wiki]Lizzy[/wiki] after she dropped two Runners chasing their car in [WIKI]5 - Lady and the Tink[/WIKI]
    |text = "Get that shit outta my house!" - [WIKI]Burt[/WIKI] in [WIKI]12 - The War[/WIKI]
    |text = "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" - [WIKI]Burt[/WIKI] in [WIKI]12 - The War[/WIKI]
    |text = "These cheetos might have just saved our asses!" - [WIKI]Burt[/WIKI] in [WIKI]13 - Separate Dying Embers[/WIKI]
    |text = "Note to self: [WIKI]Michael[/WIKI] is an asshole." - [WIKI]Burt[/WIKI] in [WIKI]6 - The Remains of Eastern Bay[/WIKI]
    |text = "Looking through the smoke, my hand gripped tight once again. Any shake left my body and their asses became fair game. " - [WIKI]Burt[/WIKI] in [WIKI]24 - The Harder They Fall[/WIKI]

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