Blaire Byhower
Blaire Byhower
PositionAssistant Writer, Lizzy
BirthdaySeptember 12
HometownNewport Beach, CA
Special TalentsImprov Comedy
Crew StatusActive
WebsiteGeekyOC , Emblem Docs


Blaire is a 6'2" geeky blond comedian living happily in the city of Orange, CA. She graduated from Chapman in 2008 with a degree in TV Production. While she loves acting, her career is presently pointed toward the direction of producing educational reality shows. Currently she works as a server in Newport Beach. Blaire is an only child and was raised in Lake Forest/Newport Beach. Her hobbies include drawing, knitting, improvisational comedy, and playing with her doggie, Brownie.

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Once raised a seeing eye dog.

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I generally do more directing than acting. But I did play Chewy from Star Wars the Musical and I had a reality show made about me.

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