Bill Roberts
Full NameBill Roberts
First appearanceChapter 2-3
Former OccupationSerial Killer?


  • Full Name: Bill Roberts
  • Gender: Male
  • Former Occupation: Pharmaceutical engineer
  • Special Talents: Leader of the zombies
  • Age: Uncertain
  • First Appeared: Mentioned in 2 - The Two Things
  • Current Status: Turned


  • Is covered from head to toe with numerous tattoos.
  • Convicted of committing multiple homicides.


  • Paranoid schizophrenic

[top]Notable In The Series

He is thought to be "The Man in the Pinstriped Suit" or "The One With The Markings" who is seemingly to be the the alpha of all the zombies in We're Alive. Skittles mentioned "the colored one", which might be a referral to the same person. Has a desk at Raydon Labs



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