Big Ones
NameBig Ones
Skittles' NicknameBehemoths
Other NicknamesNone
First appearanceChapter 8
DepartureStill Present in W.A.
Sighted AtThe Water Works, The Arena, Army Reserve Center, Outside Cain Hospital, The Colony, The Twin Towers Correctional Facility.
Special AbilitiesNever get tired, akin to a battering ram
Physical TraitsLarge, muscular, leather like skin

[top]Zombie Information and Background

Behemoths are some of the most intimidating zombies in the We're Alive universe. Massively built and fantastically strong with a thick, leathery skin, they are able to smash through walls and buildings like battering rams. Once they get moving not much can stand in their way. Bullets and other projectiles have problems penetrating their tough leather-like skin and even a direct hit with a pipe bomb failed to stop one. They are only somewhat vulnerable to head shots due to the thickening of their skeletons. A direct shot from an arrow into the eye by Riley did not kill one at the Arena, however it was blinded in that eye. They seem to be aware of this physical weakness, and cover their face and head when being shot at.

Kalani and Angel are known to have successfully taken down two Big Ones at the Army Reserve Center in chapters 17 and 18. The first, Kalani shot in the mouth; the second, Angel wounded by causing a building to collapse upon it. Kalani then finished it off with a shot in the head.

While we do not have a complete physical description of a Big One, Skittles says that they are not very good at climbing. Also Skittles says that they don't hear very well either. According to Skittles, Behemoths don't get tired, and yet the first Behemoth Angel and Kalani encounter at the military base in chapter 17 seemed to be sleeping or at least laying down on the ground with its eyes closed. When looking at the Behemoth, Angel recognizes odd veins on it and wonders if these things were humans after all.

In the first part of Chapter 25, Saul and Victor encountered a Big One as they left the collapsed tower. Saul was able to knock the Behemoth down by shooting it with a .50 round. The round did not penetrate the Big One, according to Saul.

Burt took one down in Chapter 36 with a shotgun. It was the one with the arrow in its eye.

In chapter 40 when Tanya operates on a dead big one, she finds that it died of a cancerous tumor, which may explain why they have previously found dead ones that seemingly died of nothing, and the "resting" big one at the army reserve center
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