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The Beretta Pistol
The M9 Pistol
Ammunition9x19mm Parabellum
Maximum effective range50m Target
Muzzle velocity380 meters per second
Cyclic rate of fire800 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity15 rounds
Weight2.1 lb unloaded and 2.6 lb loaded
A semi automatic pistol used by the survivors in the tower.

First appearance:
Chapter 1 - It begins - Part 2: Riley is given a M9 Pistol (Known on the civilian market as a Beretta 92) by Angel while traveling to the Tower, Pegs was also offered another piece but refuses for a yet unknown reason.

Used by:
  • Riley
  • Datu
  • Kelly
  • Pegs
  • Lizzy
  • Michael
  • Saul
  • Angel

It is also worth noting that the silenced pistol is a Beretta.

Wikipedia article for Beretta 92:

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