Army Reserve Center

General Info: The Army Reserve Center in Bell CA. Surrounded by barbed wire fencing on all sides, this is where Saul, Angel, and Michael met up in Chapter 1.
  • Places of Significance:
    • Motor Pool
    • Cemented Arms Room
    • Supply Warehouse
    • Weapons Barrack
      • Weapons Barrack was armed with an alarm in case someone tried to enter without the Commander's Key, alarm was built to sound several minutes after the door was opened. When Michael, Saul, and Angel set off the alarm, it attracted waves of "zombies".

    • Water Tower- Location that Skittles is holed up in and surviving before Angel and Kalani arrive on their MRE mission.

Appears in:
  • Chapter 1 - Where Michael, Saul and Angel meet up
  • Chapter 17 - Where Angel and Kalani go to get the MREs, and successfully kill two behemoths.


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