Angel Tunudo
Angel Tunudo
Full NameAngel Tunudo
Portrayed byShane Salk
First appearanceChapter 1 - It Begins
Final appearanceChapter 29 - Beyond our Walls
RankO-1, 2nd Lieutenant
Former OccupationPublic Affairs
ResidenceThe Tower
Special TalentsHot Wiring
Romantic PartnersCindy (deceased)


  • Full Name: Angel Tunudo
  • Former Occupation: Public Affairs
  • Special Talents: Hot Wiring
  • Age: 24 at the beginning of the Story
  • First Appeared: Chapter 1 - It Begins, Was already at the duty station and called Michael to get to the reserve center.
  • Current Status: Deceased


  • Has never seen combat. Fresh out of OCS (Officer Candidate School). Is trained to lead, but doesn't have the experience.
  • Angel has more responsibility for the over-all mission than the people involved in them.
  • Originally had a girlfriend that lived in the Tower, Cindy, but she turned out to be infected and had to be shot.
  • Has a background with Scratch, but we are not sure how they have known eachother. In Chapter 29 Part 3, it’s revealed that they are in the same “family” it is unknown if this is bloodline or another way.


  • Angel is the commanding officer, but lacks the field experience necessary to lead.
  • In the beginning of Season 1, he is a whiny soldier but he develops into a second-in-command who can look at the big picture and does what's necessary for the safety of the group.
  • He became close with Riley after the zombie tracking incident and often tries to woo her.

[top]Notable In The Series

  • One of the few soliders to show up to the base in response to the initial outbreak.
  • Acts as the second-in-command of the group.
  • Has gone on most major missions in the series.
  • Willingly left Saul (who had just been shot) behind when the Tower was on set on fire during the War. Regrets it and has been trying to make up for it ever since.
  • Killed a behemoth by collapsing a building on top of it.
  • Was on the roof of the tower when it collapsed, and is presumed dead by surviving members of the tower.
  • Was found by the Mallers and then taken to heal up, but suffering from burns and other injuries, Scratch put a bullet in him to end his pain and because they have some family tie, she felt it was needed to be done


"Burt is officially my new best friend" - 3 - The New Arrivals
"Let's just stay up here. Maybe they'll lose interest and go away?" - in 8 - Where Do You Go When You Sleep?
""Holy mother of Mary - and some other guy... I don't remember. Catholic school was so long ago!" in 18 - No Place Like Home
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