"Distorted Truths"
Chapter Number45
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date4/21/14
Part 2 Air Date4/28/14
Part 3 Air Date5/5/14

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The chapter begins with Burt scribbling in his journal and narrating the story. He brings the story back to shortly before he dropped Saul and Tanya off at Dunbar. Riley comes to meet Burt and Dog as they are about to leave to find some Mallers. They are not sure about the area they have planned out, but decide to check it out nevertheless. They reference a nearby storm, and state that they want to leave before it really starts to pour.

They arrive near a small neighborhood of barred up and secured houses that CJ's team from Dunbar had taken notes on. Burt sees a greenhouse in the distance that catches his eye, so the pair sneak around the houses as to avoid being spotted by an potential Mallers. Burt chooses a house to camp in that is just across the street from the greenhouse. Riley goes first and clears the building, then proceeds to set up a video telescope on a tripod. The covert operation begins and Burt and Riley begin scoping out the area. They make several discoveries that convince Burt that the area still may be used. Riley shows clear signs of anxiety and starts to doubt that anyone is still around. Burt convinces her to wait overnight for possible visitors, but she still shows signs of sadness.

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