"The Darkness Ahead"
Chapter Number43
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
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Part 2 Air Date30:38
Part 3 Air Date24:13
Part 4 Air Date24:28


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Tanya brings in some ice for Puck to bring his swelling down, along with a DVD player, and helps him get comfortable. Michael asks if they are finished with Kelly, where Tanya says she will call back later to go over the notes. Michael asks what Tanya is thinking about the jail, and what they should do. Tanya says that she thinks they can't or should do anything about it. Michael starts to say that Ink could still use them, but Tanya says that it might not be an issue. Michael asks why it would matter, where Tanya explains that they might not work well together, and not follow Ink's orders completely, so he would not risk using them together, and why Ink would lock them inside. Michael questions whether the bars would actually stop them, as they can break through walls. Tanya counters that by saying they were probably starving, and was pitch black inside the prison, and that they also were probably not the smartest bunch, meaning they couldn't find a way out. Tanya suggests that they should stay away, and hope they stay inside, dealing with each other themselves. Michael asks why would Ink leave them, when he made them in the first place. Tanya says that they were just his first experiment, as he found his perfect experiment, the Little ones, and left the Behemoths. Tanya guesses that there must be somewhere else he continued his experiments, similar to the Jail, where he could track the experiments easily. Michael suggests Cain Hospital, where Tanya says it could be possible for part of the experimentation, as there could be some patients left behind, but not enough for the number that have been seen.

Tanya looks at the information about Ink, suggesting Raydon for a possible location, but Michael says that Randy was coming from Raydon, not towards it. She then suggests the Arena, but Michael says that they can't explore it any further, and that the cameras set around the standing parts of the building have not caught anything. Tanya thinks that it must be somewhere new, but that due to Pucks and Lizzy's condition, Tanya can't give much attention to it anymore. CJ interrupts, saying they need to focus on other things, where Michael and Tanya join her. Tanya says that she needs to stay with Puck, leaving CJ and Michael to talk. CJ radios Lester to change the encryption code on the radio's, and to check it out of the inventory. Michael asks if CJ is going to chastise him about letting the soldiers go to the prison, but she says no, as it would not help. CJ explains to Michael that most of the soldiers are gone, including the most trained pilot, as well as the maintenance team. She asks how the work was going, before the events of the Jail, and whether Datu can fix the pump in time, where Michael says he doesn't know. CJ says that there are also a bunch of Behemoths nearby, and even though Tanya thinks they won't be a problem, as they know where they are, a long with the lack of fuel and water, that they don't have any other choice. Michael asks what now? CJ says that she respects Michael enough to include him in this conversation: CJ made a back up plan, if they ever had to dismantle the colony. She made a plan of the minimum amount of food, water and fuel each group would need to travel and set up defensive areas, all located away from urban areas, with water sources, with enough space to create farming space. Michael says that they cannot run from this, but CJ says they have no other options, no matter what they do. She shows Michael the expected supply usage, and that it will eventually exceed supply. Michael says that he thought they did not have enough fuel, where CJ says that they do not, which is why they have to split everyone into groups, and hope the Colony scavenge enough fuel before the last group leaves. She says that if Datu can finish the Water Mill working tomorrow, they can cancel the plans, or they do nothing, wait it out, and watch people fight over the last drop of drinkable water. She says "There comes a point, where everything falls apart. But I like to control where the pieces land". Michael asks if they have to do this now, as they have lost so many people, and people might not want to leave. CJ says this is the only time, as people are starting to talk, becomign scared ever since Datu was attacked, and now with the soldiers being attacked, they know that the threat is right near them. They either make them productive, or lose them all together. She says there is no reason to not start now, as they can stop it later. She then says that maybe they can pick up where they left off again in the future, either at the Colony or somewhere new, where the zombies or the Mallers could not find them. CJ asks Michael how he thinks she feels, as she can barely live at the Colony with only one leg, she will not be able to do anything "out there". She says that this does not benefit her, as it is not about her, but about the people, as they will have a better chance being spread out. Michael asks how many groups, where CJ says that she split them into seven groups, by their relationships and strengths. Michael asks where his name is, where CJ said that she thought he wouldn't want to be in [the evacuation], so she left him and the other survivors from the Tower from the list, where they can stay at Dunbar, as it is easy to manage with fewer people, and that Lizzy cannot move anywhere as she is pregnant. She warns that while the Mallers haven't been there before, Ink has. Michael asks what she wants him to do, where CJ asks what does he want to do. She says that she can handle the loadouts, and might need a little help, but she didn't factor Michael into the plans. He says that he will continue with the Mill, where CJ says that she has no one spare to support him, and no gun trucks. She says that the first group will be air lifted by the Pelican to Lake Mathews, as it will be safer.
They then split off to do their own jobs, where Michael says thank you to CJ, as he does not do it enough, and invites CJ to stay at Dunbar. She says she appreciates the offer, but is not sure that is a good idea.

Max sees someone coming, where Victor says its only Saul. He welcomes Saul, where Saul then asks how Datu is doing. Victor asks if Michael is still inside, where Saul says he is still talking to Puck. Saul asks if he could talk to Victor privately. Victor asks if Puck is going to make it, where Saul says he will, where Victor says about the other three soldiers. Saul tries to reassure him that it wasn't his fault. Victor blames himself, saying that he told them about it, and that he should of gone. Saul says that it wouldn't of mattered, that it would of happened anyway, and Victor might not be there as well. He says that no one knew what was there, especially Victor. He says that sometimes, there's things that you can't do anything about. He then goes on to say what if something happened to himself. Victor says there won't, but Saul says that it might, and what would happen to Lizzy and the baby. He says look at Datu, that it could of been any of them. Victor then knows what Saul is about to ask him, and tells him he doesn't need to go there. Saul says he is the only one he trusts there, and if something happens to either him or Lizzy, Saul wants Victor to be there for the baby. Victor says that he doesn't like having this conversation, but that he would of done it anyway, and didn't need to ask. Victor asks what happens next, where Saul says he doesn't know, but will find out soon enough.

Pegs says that the last time the Pelican was turned on was a month ago, to make sure that it was all maintained. Without Muldoon as a safety net, Pegs didn't feel comfortable, as everyone was relying on her again. CJ shows up, where Pegs asks what she is wearing. CJ says that it is a prosthetic leg, but does not fit properly. She tells Pegs not to worry, and asks if the helicopter is ready. She says someone is on their way to load up a generator, and asks if Pegs is ready, to which she replies yes. She tells Pegs that they will take the first group to their location, and the second group will drive out shortly after. Pegs asks if CJ is going with her, which she replies, to make sure that the first group set up properly, and make sure there are no issues. Tanya then shows up, saying that the groups are taking too many supplies with them, and that she does not have enough for Puck. CJ says that she does not have to heal who isn't there, and tells her to keep whats she needs for Puck, and let the groups take everything else. Tanya says that she was planning to have Lizzy have the baby there, as she doesn't have the right equipment at Dunbar. CJ calls Michael, and tells her the problem, where she hands the radio to Tanya. Tanya says that they are taking too much, and didn't know they would strip the place. Michael asks if they can find more, where Tanya says its taken her awhile to find what she wants, as some of it is scarce. Michael reminds her that there won't be as many people to worry about, where Tanya reluctantly complies. Michael asks if Kelly heard that, where Kelly says she will check where they haven't scavenged yet. Tanya says that CJ said they can keep some emergency supplies until they get more. Michael asks how Puck is doing, where she replies fine.

A truck appears at the Mill, where Michael, Victor, Datu and Max are. Pete shows up out of the truck, where Victor says he thought he was in group one. Pete says no, that he didn't want to abandon his shop, and is here to help with the Mill. He then asks if he can have a Mata gun, as him and Datu walk off to the Mill. Michael tells CJ that Pete arrived, and asks how Pegs is. CJ says she is fine, and that Michael would be surprised at what she can handle. Hope then comes out of the truck, and starts going to Datu. Michael attempts to slow her down, but she says that she knows she cannot get close. Hope and Datu then go off to talk. On the radio, Saul asks Michael what supplies Tanya wanted, where CJ tells him that they are making a list. Saul says he has a few places to check out, and is going out with Burt and Riley. Michael asks if they are leaving, where Burt gets the radio. Burt says that he thinks it is a good idea to leave, since everyone else is started to spread out. Michael asks if he is sure, and asks whether he trusts that the radio is secure now. Burt says that he has to trust it, if he wants to keep in contact, but will use a separate channel for themselves. Michael then says thank you for the extra ammo, but Burt has something else to give them. He says that he gave Kelly an address of a tanker quarter full of diesel. CJ asks for the address of the tanker, but Burt says he does not want to say it over the radio, where Kelly says tell the scavengers to go to a safehouse for a landline. Michael says thank you to Burt, where Burt then asks to speak to Datu. He asks if Datu is hanging in there, where Riley butts in and takes over, as she feels that she can say something better, as this is could be their final words to him, but fails to say anything better. They tell Datu that they love him, and say their goodbyes. Lizzy then comes in, asking if they are still leaving. Burt says that its best, as they won't take up their supplies. Lizzy says that she doesn't care about that, and wants them to stay. Riley says that it is easy to forget with what happened, but that Scratch is still out there, and they still need to find her, as she wouldn't of given up on her revenge on Pegs. Saul questions whether Scratch would still be on a revenge for Pegs, where Burt reminds Saul of his removed finger. Lizzy says that she agrees, as she can remember what Scratch was like months ago; that she'll never give up. Burt says that she is biding her time, as she cannot do anything now. Lizzy asks why couldn't they search for her from the Colony, but they reply that they wouldn't want to bring Scratch towards Dunbar. Kelly states her worry that she could sneak up on them now, as they do not have strength in numbers. Saul says thanks for the reminder, as he just wants to "live out here with his blonde bombshell and his boy". Burt says that maybe one day, they can, but that they need to leave. Kelly prints off the list for Riley, Saul and Burt, where Burt says that some of the options have already been checked. Riley apologises for her previous outburst, and says that she wants to stay, and wants to be there for the birth of the baby. Burt and Riley then say their goodbyes, where Saul says that he will be back soon.

CJ radios that group one are heading out, and Michael will call back if anything new happens. The radio then starts to become static, where the voice of Scratch asks if Tardust has picked up anything yet. He says that he cannot pick up on anything, as the radio will not work without the codes, meaning he cannot hear anything. Scratch tells him to make it work, as she knows they are talking. Tardust then tells Scratch to get down from the walls, as the colonists might be able to see her, meaning that they are currently camped out on top of the walls of the Colony. Scratch says that they wouldn't be able to see her. Scratch says that something is going on, as there is lots of motion. She then sees group two leaving the colony, and that they are loaded with supplies. Tardust asks if she can see [Pegs], where she replies that she cannot see. She tells Tardust to get back to the truck, and to trust her, as it will all be over soon....

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"There comes a point where everything falls apart. But I like to control where the pieces land" - CJ in 43 - The Darkness Ahead



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