"Chasing Ghosts"
Chapter Number42
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date1/20/14
Part 2 Air Date1/27/14
Part 3 Air Date2/3/14


Last chapter, Datu is picked up from the Water pump, where him, Glenn and Jay were attacked by a group of zombies. Upon their arrival, Michael finds Datu on the floor, with a bite mark, along with the remains of Glenn and Jay. More people start to arrive, first Tanya, Kelly and Victor, then CJ and Pegs. After arguing about the events, it is decided that Datu will continue to repair the Pump before he has to be euthanized. Tanya manages to bring her testing equipment, where she tests to see if Datu is turning. She takes multiple samples, to see how long he has left to live - around a week. deciding to call it a night, Michael and the soldiers bring Datu to a safe house, where they can look after him and take more samples. Datu tells Michael about the attack, and the details of a specific zombie at the ambush: Randy. Michael notices, and tells Datu it is his fault this happened. He goes on to tell Datu about the events of the Water Works, of how he broke his arm. It turns out that after Riley, Datu and Angel escaped, Michael hid from the Behemoth, encountering Randy: a fellow arm reservist and friend, who had been trapped by rubble. After the behemoth left, they attempt to escape the Water works, where a normal zombie jumps on Randy before he can make it to the other side. Michael attempts to pull Randy through, but the rubble collapses, breaking his arm. As Randy turns, Michael is unable to take him out before he turns, and leaves him inside of the room. The next day, Datu continues to repair the Pump, with Michael giving the samples to Tanya, confirming he has around a week left. When Tanya returns to the Mortuary, she finds Saul there, asleep. He wakes up, where Tanya goes to take blood samples from each of them. It seems that their K-18 levels have gone down, where the results of both of them have been going up and down, whereas Datu's results have only gone up. Saul asks about the results from the gas from Ground Zero and the bottles of Follistatin, but Tanya cannot find anything there. Suddenly, they hear someone outside, which they discover is Burt and Riley returning from their hunt for Scratch.

[top]Part 1

Victor and Max are once again helping Datu repair the Water mill. They turn on the pump, but only a cup full of water manages to come out. Datu becomes annoyed, sarcastically wanting to scrap it. Michael asks how hard it should be, as there are similar things everywhere. Datu says that he is trying to do the best he can, as he hasn't done this before. He states that the problems lie in the hole that was drilled, or the pipe that was put in, and kicks it in rage. Victor tries to calm him, and asks him what the biggest problems are. Datu says that it is the pipe, as it is too big. Michael asks how they can fix it, where Datu says more electricity would do it, which defeats the purpose. Victor asks what else, where Michael leaves them to it and decides to take a break, where he wants some water. Victor jokingly offers him the water they got from the pump. Victor looks at the diagram, and thinks that it is wrong. Datu sarcastically replies to him, where Victor thinks it is too much. He questions all of the additions, where Datu says they wanted one that worked without the wind too. Victor says to keep it simple, and that his cousins were able to make it, so he should too. Datu suggests a new method - dropping a smaller pipe inside of the old one, requiring less power to draw water up. Victor leaves Datu and joins Michael on his break, where he notices Datu is moving faster now. Michael asks if he will finish in time, where Victor says he might not know what he is doing, but doesn't understand how he managed to make the Mata gun. Victor tells Datu that the Mata gun has finished having air pressured into it, and asks if it is loaded. Datu tells him no, and tells them how to reload it. Michael wants to try it, where Victor says he is scared of it. Just before he can, he gets a pager, where Puck tells Michael that the found nothing at Ink's old home, and looked deserted from before the Infection started. Michael asks how long they will be, where Puck turns up in view in the Gun truck, which Michael gets annoyed that they didn't keep in contact. Upon their arrival, Datu asks for some help, where Robbins and Carl go to help. Puck continues about what the search discovered, which was nothing of use. Michael checks his notes about possible locations of where Ink would of been, where Victor says that Kelly suggested the Jail where Ink was kept before the court hearing. Puck suggests going there, where Michael has doubts about the protection the .50 Cal would offer them, due to the fact it was a small area. Puck says that they would not have to go deep, just have a quick search. He then suggests taking the Mata gun, where he accidentally points it in the wrong direction. Victor jokes that Michael trusts Puck more than him, as he can't tell which end goes where. They continue to banter, where Michael decides to end it. Puck then goes ask Datu how the Mata gun works. Michael tells Victor not to worry, as the soldiers do this to each other all the time, and that he was just "letting him in". Victor persuades Michael to let them go, and jokes that he was trying to get rid of them.

Datu shows Puck how to load the Mata gun, where Puck then goes to test it. Michael asks if he is okay to use the Mata gun, as he is thinking about letting them go. Puck then takes a practice shot at some discarded wooden boards, where Datu suggests the optimum targeting distance. Puck and the soldiers show surprise at how deadly it is, and asks that Datu should make more of them. Datu asks Carl to hook up the Mata gun again to recharge it. Puck comes back, where they find that the Mata gun managed to hit the blocks behind it too. Victor says there shouldn't be anymore Little ones left, but Michael says it is hard to run out of numbers. Carl suggests that Datu needs help, and should be a priority. Puck asks Robbins to take the Mata gun, where he goes to look like a tough guy, saying that it's nothing. Muldoon says there is a fat joke there, but it is too easy. Victor then retorts a Your Mum joke. Michael asks if they are going, where Puck asks if Victor is coming, but Michael says he needs more than one with him. Puck and the soldiers load up, where Victor goes on to help Datu again, with Max on guard with the .50 Cal. Michael then gets a pager, asking if Puck forgot something, but in fact CJ answers him, telling him that "someone" needs to ask Michael something, where Burt comes onto the radio, asking if "he missed him".

Michael radios Saul that he will be back at the safe house soon, to talk on a secure line, but wants Datu back at the well ASAP. Kelly and Tanya talk about how dirty Burt and Riley's Jeep are, where Lizzy asks what Michael is doing. Saul tells her, and says that Burt and Riley are using all of their clean water. Lizzy asks how they turned up, where Kelly says that they were looking for CJ's notes about the Mallers, but was unsure if she could give the notes to them. Tanya says that was a good call, as they are their friends, but they have gone for a long time, with no communication. Lizzy gets annoyed that they only came back as they wanted something, not because they missed them. Burt comes back, where the four get annoyed that Burt never kept in communication, having a radio with them the whole time, and asks what they have been doing for the past four months. Burt says that he does not trust the Police hand sets, and that they were still on the hunt for Scratch still. Burt says he didn't want to come back until they found her, where they start to ask if it is done, but with Burt saying that it isn't done. Riley then joins them, where Lizzy gets annoyed that Riley didn't even say goodbye. Riley says it was complicated, but that they wanted to, with Lizzy not taking it. Michael then calls, where Kelly dials CJ into the conference too. Burt asks if this line is secure, with Michael saying that the radios were fine too, but yes, asking what they wanted. CJ says that Kelly said they wanted something. Burt starts to explain, but Kelly and Saul want to know where they have been. Burt says that they were looking for Scratch. where Saul shows disappointment as that was all, and that they just "up and went". Burt says he was sorry, but it was something that they had to do. Kelly asks if she is even still alive, where Burt says that he is pretty sure. CJ asks how he is sure, where Burt says they got into a fire fight with a Maller, where he was shouting her name as he bled out. Saul gets annoyed that they have done nothing in four months, where Tanya says he could of just been delirious. Burt says they are covering their tracks, as CJ says they split up, as she predicted. Lizzy says Riley is awfully quiet, where Riley says they should not of come back, as they did not care about looking for Scratch. Tanya says that they are just talking, as there are a lot of blanks to fill out. Kelly shows annoyance at the fact they left as they did in the first place, and there was no reason for it. Burt says it was safer for them, where Lizzy says that they just wanted to run away. Riley says that did they think about the fact that Burt and Riley might not of wanted to be there. Lizzy asks why did they come back then, where Burt again asks for the notes about the Mallers. CJ cuts Burt off, asking Kelly to print it out so they can go away. Michael ask if they can give them any information, as a fair trade, about either the Mallers or Biters. Burt says the Biters have been scarce, and they have found a few dead Mallers, but have found the remnants of their previous camps. Burt gives Kelly his notes, but there are hardly any. Saul says that they don't even know if she is alive, where Burt says that is what she wants them to think, and she is biding her time. Kelly says that she might not even be in the same state anymore, and asks what they have achieved in the last four months. Burt says that it is hard to survive out there alone, where Kelly asks what does he think they have been doing. CJ cuts in, asking Kelly where they got their food and gas came from, and that they are all just "Chasing Ghosts".

They all start to argue, with Michael against CJ, Burt against Tanya, and Riley against Lizzy and Saul. Kelly notices the pager going off, and tries to stop the argument, but it gets deeper, as they cannot hear the pager going off. Eventually, as it keeps going off, Kelly shouts to stop them from arguing. They answer the call, where Puck answers. He asks Michael for help. Michael asks what is wrong, where Puck asks for pick up, and needs a doctor. Michael says they are on their way, where everyone starts to packs up. Tanya asks what about everyone else, so she knows what to bring. Puck tells her that it is just him. Michael asks where everyone else is, where Puck replies, "They're dead".

[top]Part 2

Riley, Tanya, Saul and Burt are racing towards the location of Puck, with Michael further behind. Michael tells Puck to hang on, with Puck saying he might not be able to finish them all off. Michael tells him that they are still a good ways out. Puck tells him that he isn't bit. Suddenly Puck comes off the radio, but comes back, saying he had to take care of a regular. Burt apologises about what happened before, where Saul says not to talk about it right now. Riley asks who was at the prison, where Saul lists off Puck, Carl, Muldoon and Robbins: all of the soldiers. Tanya notices smoke in the distance, where Saul aims to drive to. Burt reads the sign of the jail: Twin Towers Correctional facility. Burt says it is similar to the old Tower, and Dunbar, and wonders if it is just a coincidence. Tanya radios Puck to ask where he is, but doesn't respond. Tanya tries again, where Puck tells her he is near the loading dock. The group arrives, where they see the truck, on its side, with the left side smashed in, and smoke pouring from it. They then see Puck on the floor, next to the Mata gun, covered in blood on his left side, and bruised up. The group leave the car, where Burt and Riley pull security, and Saul and Tanya help Puck. Burt searches the truck, noticing the .50 cal is again broken, and is not fixable. Tanya does a assessment of Pucks condition, noticing his airway is fine, but having several fractures and bleeding, and a concussion. Puck tells them that it was the "thing" over there. Tanya and Saul put Puck onto a stretcher, where Puck asks them to get the camera, so that the trip was not a waste. Burt finds the body of a Behemoth, covered in hair, and missing its head. Riley gets a picture of it, discovering the camera still works. Puck tells Burt to also get the Mata gun, where in the distance, a Behemoth roars, where the group attempt to rush off. Tanya and Saul put Puck into the back of the truck, where Burt goes to pick up the rest of the .50 cal ammo. Burt tells Saul to help Tanya, and he will drive. As they drive off, Tanya tells Burt to radio Michael, telling him to drive back to the Colony, as she has more medical equipment there. Michael tells them to meet them at the old Tower, to escort them back. Michael asks if he is the only one, where Burt says that he was the only survivor.

Back at the Colony, Saul radios Michael that he will not make it back to Dunbar, where Michael asks if only Kelly and Lizzy are at Dunbar, saying he is uncomfortable with them alone there. Saul asks if Michael can go, but replying that he can't, as he has Datu with him, and will be going to Safehouse 12. Saul says that he should be at the Colony. Michael asks how Puck is, where Saul says he is doing alright, but could be better. Michael says he is frustrated, but asks if he has said anything else. Saul says he hasn't had a chance to, as Tanya has been sorting him out. Michael changes his mind, and says that he is on his way back, and will find a way for Saul to return to Dunbar once they have finished. They end the call, where Saul asks if Burt has all the notes he needs. Burt says yes, and says there might be a location they could go to. Saul asks if he is going now, where Burt says Riley is sleeping, so will spend the night. Saul asks if it is a good idea, with everything that has happened. Burt says that there is more than one evil that they have to fight. Burt tells Saul that Burt brought back lots of ammo with their truck at Dunbar, collected from a mailing list from his shop, and should keep the Colony stocked for awhile. Burt asks if Datu is changing, where Saul tells him about the Water Pump, where Burt says he heard everything over the radio. He then reminds Saul about the Smart one above his shop, when Saul and Angel first picked him up, saying it makes sense that Ink worked there too. Saul asks if they heard it all over the radio, where Burt says that a long with CJ's notes, was just trying to stay informed. Saul asks if Burt was not telling him something. Burt says if there was something, he would tell him. He says that he would rather stay at the Colony, as he misses everyone, but has a job to do, as he is not a soldier or a colonist: he gets to choose what he thinks is best for the group. Tanya comes out, where Burt asks how he is. Tanya says that he is stable, with no signs of internal bleeding, but will be in bed for awhile, as it will take months for the bones to heal. Burt asks if he said anything about what happened, but only that a Behemoth hit him. Tanya didn't ask anything else, only focusing on treating him, and that his body was not the only thing that went through trauma. Saul asks if he is asleep, where Tanya says she is not allowing him to, due to the concussion. Burt asks about the camera, where Saul says someone is trying to extract them. Tanya tells them not to tell him if he can't, as he would feel what he went through was useful. Saul asks if there is anything else, where Tanya says she thinks Puck is waiting to tell Michael. CJ arrives, hearing that Michael is on his way. Saul tells her that he left Datu at the gate, because CJ is "So careful about who she lets be there". Burt asks what CJ has: the pictures from the camera, with some of the files being corrupt. Burt asks if he can look, where CJ says she isn't sure how helpful they are without someone explaining them. Saul says he is going to go to Lady, who is with Hope. Michael then arrives, and asks if CJ has something to say to him. CJ says that it is not the best time, with Michael agreeing. CJ tells Michael that she sent the pictures to Kelly, and will dial her in when they are ready. Michael asks why, where Tanya says that Puck has been waiting for Michael, and hasn't told anyone yet. CJ and Burt stay outside, where Michael goes in to Puck, a long with copies of the pictures. Tanya asks how Puck feels, saying he is dizzy and numb, and jokingly asks how many Purple hearts he will get. Michael asks if that is the biggest thing he is worrying about, but tells him that he "is filling out the paper work". Puck continues to Joke with Michael, hurting himself when he laughs. Puck says that he wants sleep, but can't as it might kill him, where Michael jokes that it is like women. Kelly comes in, saying that she will tell Pegs, where CJ says that she patched her in after Michael left. Tanya asks if he is sure he wants to recall what happened, where Puck says he better, as he can't sleep, and might forget if he did, saying that there is a lot. Michael asks what time they got there, where someone knocks on the door. Burt comes in, saying he found something. He has a picture of Austin Mckibben, a long with the notes the Colony has about him: that they didn't know who he was, but that he was on trial. Kelly says that Victor recognised him, but was not sure. Burt says he recognises him, and that some of them got a good look at him. He says that he was "Arrow head": the Behemoth with the arrow in his eye, that attacked the group at the Arena, and was killed at the Colony by Burt. Puck asks if he was in the same jail with Ink, as he wasn't the only one, and that no one could escape the Jail. It gave Ink a lot to play with: saying that the Behemoths were the prisoners trapped inside of the Jail.

[top]Part 3

Puck retells the story of what happened at the Jail. They entered by the back gate; where the survivors found Puck, next to the destroyed truck. They decide to wonder in together. Robbins takes the Mata gun, where Puck says to take their rifles also, as it only has seven shots. Muldoon asks where they are headed, where Puck says they are going to the front, where the records are kept. Robbins takes point, as he has the Mata gun. Puck marks their trail with Duct tape, so they know how to go get back out. They enter through the front, where the inmates enter through, where the doors were wide open, and scenes of an attack. The only thing they found so far are reports of Ink's tattoos. Since everything was left on computers, Puck suggests leaving. Muldoon suggests looking at the other cell blocks, where they kept Roberts. Puck feels like it is a bad idea, but is persuaded by the other soldiers.

They head back to the front, and make their way to the Cell block 1. They find a door, where Puck says they cannot get through, but Robbins finds keys in the door, taking the keys as they leave. Carl props open the doors for when they leave. They then find the guard's weapon supplies, where they find taser guns, bullets and grenades. They get disappointed when they find they are rubber bullets and grenades. Muldoon also finds gas canisters, but puts them down when the others tell him they won't work against them. At the end of the hall, they find a set of two gates, where Carl unlocks them. When they enter, they find a dead body, trapped inside of a jail. They find another door, into the jail hall, where they find a bunch of bodies, all with large chunks removed. They continue on, marking the trail as they go, where they find a 3-way junction. They go into the Solitary block, where the door into it was broken. They enter, where they find even more doors, which have been broken into. They check each door as they go past, where they find one door still intact, with a body inside, rotten away. Puck tells Robbins to back up, where they notice a symbol: 3 lines arched like a rainbow, with 5 lines spread below, like a fan, coming into a point. They then notice more symbols on every door; one looking like a fish on fire, another a snake, another a bird foot, one a cross with a triangle on it, and one more with the Wadjet. They notice another door, which leads into a hall. They find that instead of the doors broken in, they were all broken out. Each door had a paper print out, with who the person was and what they did. These doors did not have symbols, but had words written on after, on the print outs, with black ink. Each one had names of the chemicals that they found from Raydon. Kelly asks why they didn't radio them at that point, where Puck says they couldn't reach them. Tanya says that Kennith, the last one, that had no chemical written on his print out, must of been the control, and is surprised that Ink had enough coherence to use a control.

Muldoon tries to radio Kelly, but cannot, due to the building giving too much interference. Robbins decides that they have seen enough, and should leave. Muldoon then finds another cell, that had a body inside, which was mostly rotten. They could see the bones, where one side had large, bulky bones, and the other small bones. Muldoon asks if this is were the Behemoths came from, but Carl suggests it might be the Little ones. Robbins finds another hall, that had more busted open doors; around 20 more. Robbins finds another body, that had been turned inside out. Muldoon finds another body, that has large leg bones, and not much of a head. Carl says the #2 Little one was dead, so these are not the Little ones. Robbins says that was a girl, but that a body with #6 was there, meaning they are not the Little ones. Puck says there are a lot of rooms that have been busted open, and they only have 7 bullets in the Mata gun, and they decide to leave. They hear a large boom, towards the Solitary block they came from. More booms are heard, where they hear roars from the Behemoths, where they are killing each other. Robbins says whatever lived is on the over side, which is the meanest one. They head towards the other side of the solitary block, trying to find the exit. They then hear more Behemoths around them, where one bursts through. Once close enough, Robbins shoots the Behemoth, where it dies in one shot. They continue to head out, where Puck notices the Behemoth they killed was starving. Another Behemoth comes through the wall, where Robbins had to shoot it twice before it went down. They notice Muldoon is missing, where they find him buried beneath the wall. Robbins gets emotinal, starting to dig him out, despite the Behemoths coming for them. Robbins kept digging, even bending 2 pieces of rebar sticking through his legs, by himself. Muldoon tells Robbins to leave, where another Behemoth bursts through, with Puck killing it. Robbins picks up Muldoon, where they start to head out. Muldoon then dies, from loss of blood, where Robbins becomes distraught, and starts performing CPR. Another Behemoth comes, which is faster than the others. Puck shoots at it, but misses. He tells Muldoon "heads up!", but is too late, where the Behemoth knocks Muldoon into a wall, killing him as well. Puck then kills it, with no shots of the Mata gun left. They reach the gate, where to their confusion, they are locked. As Carl gets the keys, another Behemoth rounds the corner, covered in hair, with its teeth heading outwards, and arms covered in blood. It starts heading to them, where they enter the gate. Unfortunately, the Behemoth reaches through it and kills Carl, slamming him into the ground. Puck picks up the keys, and heads for the exit of the jail.

By the time he manages to head outside, the Behemoth has reached the truck before him, where he destroys the truck, and slams into Puck, breaking several bones in his body. As the Behemoth slowly makes his way to Puck, he reaches into the bag, and takes the Taser gun and a Stinger grenade. When the behemoth got close enough, he shoots the taser into its face, where he then shoves the grenade into its face, where it blows up the Behemoths head. Puck then crawled to the truck, where he calls the survivors to pick him up. The others start to speak, where Kelly says she will type it all up, where Puck says he is not done. After he called the Colony, he heard the gates he didn't close shut, where Ink shows up, staring at Puck, and smiling, white teeth against his dark, ink face. He walks away, turning the corner before Puck can shoot him. He says that Ink knows exactly what he is doing, where he then says, "You need to kill him Michael, or soon there wont be any of us left".



"You need to kill him Michael, or soon there won't be any of us left" - Puck in 42 - Chasing Ghosts



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