"Eye of the Storm"
Chapter Number41
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date12/16/13
Part 2 Air Date12/30/13
Part 3 Air Date1/6/14


[top]Part 1

Rain pours heavily. Datu crawls over to the remains of Glenn, remaining inside of the truck. Datu then radios Max back at the colony, asking for help. Max says help is coming, and asks whether it was an attack, with Datu replying to hurry. Jay then reanimates, due to the bite, and stares at Datu. Datu begs for the zombie Jay to kill him, due to the fact he does not want to live anymore, as he is also infected, and knows he will turn. Z-Jay then starts to walk off, ignoring Datu. Datu picks up the Mata-gun, and uses the last shot to kill Z-Jay. After an unknown amount of time, Michael arrives with his soldiers, to see the remains of the ambush, arriving with first aid. Michael asks what happened, with Robbins asking if he is turning. Puck notices the remains of Jay and a Little one, with Robbins finding the Mata-gun. Michael says that the cuts to his face are not bad, where Datu reveals his bite. The soldiers train their guns onto Datu, with Michael ordering them to stand down. They question Michael as to why he is helping Datu, and keep their guns aimed. Datu tries to stop Michael from helping him, with Puck saying he is at risk, thus putting everyone at risk. Michael keeps attempted to bandage Datu, with the others silently refusing to help. Michael keeps trying to bandage the wounds, but Datu attempts to stop him, asking him to end it. Robbins says that there are only two options, either keeping him alive for Tanya to experiment on, or to finish him now. Datu tells them he did not manage to fix the pump, where Puck finds the remains of Glenn in the back of the truck. Robbins complains about the weather, when Datu asks Michael to not let him turn. Puck asks which kind bit him, to which Datu says a regular one did. Robbins and Puck returns to the truck, annoyed that Michael is refusing to let Datu go. Datu apologises about what happened, and again asks Michael to "take care of him". Michael says that he is not turning, when Datu says he can feel him turning. Michael asks if it hurts, with Datu saying no, and that Michael couldn't tell he was changing. Datu asks if he can dig graves for both Glenn and Jay, saying he cannot leave them as they are. Carl keeps his gun aimed at Datu, where Puck asks if he should take care of Datu for Michael. Michael then calls Tanya, saying he needs another syringe, like the one used to end Amy's life.

Michael continues on to help Datu dig graves, deep enough so nothing can dig them back up. Datu places a wench into Glenns graves, and Jays driving license into his, and then gives a small ceremony to the two. Datu says he is ready to go, where Michael says Tanya is bringing the syringe for him, with Datu going on to dig his own grave. Puck tells Michael that the colony keeps asking if Datu is turning, and that CJ is making her way towards the pump, with Michael asking for updates. Tanya, Kelly and Victor then arrive, with Tanya asking how far along he is. Michael notices Tanya cut her hair. Kelly sees Datu, and starts to run to him, but she is stopped. She asks what is he digging, with Michael saying he is digging his own grave. Tanya asks whether she can examine Datu, saying that he doesn't look like he is even in pain. Another truck arrives, with CJ and Pegs inside. Michael storms towards CJ, dragging her to see the remains of what he thinks is her fault. Pegs tells him that it wasn't her fault, due to the fact that Datu and Glenn decided not to wait for a gun truck. CJ asks about his condition, with Tanya saying she hasn't had a chance. CJ asks how long he has, with Michael saying it doesn't matter. CJ asks whether they got the pump working, with Michael saying that CJ should actually care about the people for once. CJ replies with that she knows them more than Michael does, listing some stuff about Glenn and Jay. CJ says not to lecture her, and that she cares more about them than Michael does. CJ then told them what would happen if the well isn't repaired, and the state of the colony. Michael asks why she didn't tell them sooner, with CJ saying she didn't want to cause a panic. Michael says he could of helped protect Datu and the others, where CJ says that they worked her before without incident. Victor says that no matter how protected you are, sometimes it does not matter. CJ asks, despite sounding insensitive, if Datu can repair the well with his last remaining minutes. Kelly says they do not know how long he has, where Tanya then decides to tell the others about her K18 blood test, giving Datu a timeline of how long he has. Michael asks if it is a good idea, with Tanya saying people are still useful after they're bitten. Kelly says they don't know if he will change, where Michael reveals that Datu said he feels it. Kelly asks if it is possible to cure him, but Tanya says that it is irreversible, and it would be a waste to try. CJ says Datu might not want to help, with Pegs asking Michael to talk to him. Datu turns up, saying he will repair the pump, telling them to stay back, just in case. Tanya then goes on to examine Datu, saying she needs a blood sample, and the testing equipment. CJ asks how long it would take Tanya to do this, with Tanya saying she has to either bring the machine here, or go back to the mortuary. Michael says he and his soldiers will stay with Datu to help, with Victor and Pegs volunteering, but Datu says he does not need that many people. Datu makes a list of what he needs, with Puck putting restraints onto Datu. Victor says he will go back with Tanya, with Kelly asking if they should say goodbye now. Tanya gives Michael the syringe, and says she needs a blood sample, and that she will give Datu a pick line. Pegs goes to Michael, where they go to hug each other.

Everyone leaves to go do their jobs, with Michael and the soldiers staying to help Datu, and to take notes about what to do. Robbins asks why the pump burned out, where Datu says he must of gotten the voltage wrong, and needs a different transformer. Puck decides to call it time, due to it being late, until Tanya arrives, with the testing equipment. Tanya says she ran the samples, but needs one more in order to plot the timeline. According to the timeline, Datu is turning very slowly, but needs more samples to get a proper result, meaning that Datu is certainly going to die, but it is unknown when it is his time.

[top]Part 2

Michael brings Datu into a bedroom, at a unknown safe house, bringing with him a chain to lock him onto the bed, saying he hates to do this, but with Datu accepting it. Tanya asks to take another sample, and requests Michael to take more samples every two hours. Michael sarcastically shows his enthusiasm, with Puck saying that they will take it in shifts to take the samples. Tanya says she will leave one of her spare scopes to test the sample, and that she will show them how to use it. Pucks offers Datu something to eat, and Michael puts the syringe for Datu in close reach. Tanya says she will call in the morning to collect the samples, with Michael hoping that the radios won't cut out, where Tanya says she will collect the samples, even if she has to drive there. Tanya asks Datu to hang in there, before she takes her leave. Puck says that the others have gone to escort them back, but with Puck staying behind, offering Michael the other room, and saying he will organize a schedule for the sample collecting. Michael tells Datu where more blankets are, and that they will be leaving at 6 AM. Datu tells Michael that he will fix the pump, and asks him to make Datu a promise that he will not let Datu turn. Michael says they will handle it when it happens, but Datu asks to do it before he turns, not after. Michael says he will leave the syringe there so Datu can do it himself, but Datu replies that it is unforgivable for him to do it, as it is a sin. Michael asks isn't it still a sin if he has assistance in his suicide, with Datu saying that no it would not; that he would be protecting Datu, and he knows where he is going when he dies. Datu then shares his uncertainty of what would happen to his soul if he happened to turn, and again asks Michael to make sure it does not happen. Michael says that they will make sure it does not happen, but Datu asks that Michael be the one to do it, as he is the only one he can trust. Michael says that he does not want to do that, but Datu then says that he needed it, and that he worries what will happen next, saying that there was nothing in the eyes of the one that bit him, just skin, and lots of hair.

Michael notices Datu's his detail about the hair, with Datu describing that he had a big, dirty beard, with long hair. Michael recognises him as Randy, but presses Datu to remember any details. Datu says he cannot remember, that he was panicking in the moment. Michael asks if he can remember anything else, that it is important for him. Datu then starts to remember, describing a dark spot on the Biters face, a dark blue shirt, with Michael finishing the description of having brown pants. Datu describes his smell, even with the fact is was raining. Datu then remembers another fact, saying he thought it had said something. The scene of when Datu was bit replays, where he says that the biter chose to leave him. Michael says that this was his fault, with Datu saying that he could of done nothing. Michael says that there was in fact something he could of done, but he could not "do it before". Datu says he does not understand, with Michael saying that he wouldn't expect him to, as he has not told anyone before. He says that he was thinking he was gone, with Datu asking who? Michael says that it was Randy, that attacking him. Datu questions Michael if he knew Randy, which Michael starts to describe how. He says that as well as him, Angel and Saul knew him too, as he was stationed with another Unit in the same base as them. He says that they weren't that close, but he considered them friends. Michael then questions how much of [The events of We're Alive] was up to Randy. Datu says he still does not understand.

Michael starts to explain to Datu that, when they went to the Water station to try running the water again, that someone else was there too. The scene of Michael disappearing at the waterworks plays, with Datu, Angel and Riley leaving through the backdoor, where Michael shoots one of the steam tanks. He describes that after the boom, he went off the platform and onto the pipes below, saying the Behemoth wouldn't be able to see or smell Michael. As Angel calls out for Michael, the Behemoth stands above where Michael was, meaning he could not shout out to run. Michael notices that someone else is down there with him, with them signalling Michael to stay quiet. Angel attempts to get Michael, where the Behemoth runs at the door where Angel is, where they run off to continue the mission. The Behemoth then leaves the building, taking some of it with the Behemoth. Randy then says that the coast is clear, with Michael then noticing who it is that is trapped. Michael helps Randy, stating that he looked different, with long hair and a beard, with a dirty blue shirt and tan pants. Randy thanks Michael for helping him out, saying he was down there for a long time. Michael asks Randy how he was here, but with Randy saying he needed to fix the steam flowing into the room. Michael then goes on to describe Randy as "a hell of a smart guy", as he was part of a engineering unit. Michael states that he would of been happy to bring Randy back with him. Randy says that he has been trapped there for a long while. Michael asks if he had been running the water there, with the other people Michael and the others had found earlier, with him apologising. Randy questions about where the behemoth came from, saying "it's hard enough to get by nowadays". Michael says it is getting clearer, with Randy telling him to follow him as he knows where he is going. Michael asks what Randy was doing here, with Randy saying that he was living nearby, with the notes from Dunbar confirming that Randy lived with CJ. Datu asks if CJ knows, with Michael saying that it did not matter. Randy says that he nearly came out when he heard voices, but decided not to when he heard the behemoth. Michael tells Randy that Angel and Saul are alive too, with Randy showing excitement that Saul was alive, but ignoring that Angel was alive too. Randy notices that the water station is too damaged to be repaired, with Michael saying that they should get out. They perform an ammo check, with Randy leading the way out. Michael asks if Randy made it to the military base, where Randy says that he did, although it was already overrun, because of Michael setting off the alarm. Randy says that they cannot enter the way the came in, where they try to get out the back. Michael asks if anyone else survived, where Randy says his wife did not make it. Randy attempts to use his tools to get out the same way Angel and Datu did, but then zombies begin to arrive. Randy uses a pipe to leaver the pile up, giving enough room for them to get out. As Michael crawls under, he attempts to pull Randy with him, where Randy then gets jumped by a zombie, and gets bit. The pipe holding up the door gets knocked, landing on Michael's arm, breaking it. Randy manages to fight off the zombie, and lifts the door back up. Michael asks whats wrong, with Randy finding out he was bit. As Randy tries to open the door, he begins to turn, he begs Michael to shoot him before he turns. As Michael raises his rifle, he freezes, being unwilling to shoot Randy. The door then collapses, with Randy on the other side, ending the turning phase. Michael gets up, and completely fills up the gap with rubble, stopping Randy from escaping. Michael questions himself as to why he couldn't shoot Randy, whether because it was his friend, or because of the pain from his broken arm, but that he wasn't able to do it. The newly turned Randy is trapped on the inside, and Michael goes on to leave the Water station, where he goes to call for help back at the Tower.

[top]Part 3

Again, Michael questions himself as to why he could not end Randy's suffering before he turned. After, he eventually returned to the tower, where he picked up Burt and Saul, and returned to get Riley, Datu and Angel. he says he did not tell anyone what happened, as he felt ashamed, and saw himself as a hypocrite, as he expected other people to do it, where he could not. He thinks that if the event happened again, he could do it, but states that its different when its a zombie you don't know, or one of the Mallers, compared to a friend that you do know, that did nothing wrong. He says that he was barely able to stop Fernando, although not knowing him, nor Amy, and says there is no way he could do it to Datu. Datu says that it is what he wants, with Michael blaming himself that it was his fault that it happened at all. Michael says that if there is anything of Randy left, it is no surprise that he is making Michael's life "a living hell", and that he is sorry, and it is his fault. Datu says that there is no way for him to blame Michael, but that if he believes that, then this is his way for making up for it, and asks Michael to make sure he dies as Datu, not as "something else". Datu says that there is nothing else left for him, with Michael replying that he does not know what he is asking for. Datu says that since he was saved, he has always helped everyone else, without asking for anything in return, except for now. He says that he would rather have been left inside the elevator, if he knew he would turn into a zombie, and that Michael "owes him this". After saying this, Michael then decides that he will do it, with Datu asking him to swear it. Michael leaves Datu to sleep, where he recites a prayer before falling asleep; the same prayer Burt referenced when on top of Locked 'n' Loaded.

Michael radios Tanya, giving her the results of the blood tests performed on Datu, saying to radio back when Tanya is close to the Water well, where they are meeting. Michael awakens his soldiers, with Carl making coffee for everyone. They attempt to eat before leaving, with Michael saying that they don't have time to make large meals, and that they should conserve their food. Michael then goes to check on Datu, to see that he was still there, but could tell that he had either been crying, or starting to turn. Datu says that he had been up all night, with Michael apologising, where Datu says that "he will have time for that later". Michael says that Tanya says he has a fair amount of time, but Datu is not sure if that is good or bad news. Michael says that it is good, as it lets them take care of everything, and that what he can do might change everything, but that Michael will keep his promise, whether it is finished or not.

Robbins helps Datu place the new pump into position, where Tanya tells Michael that he has around a week or two left, but is not sure if he will be able to do anything near the end, if he will be in pain, or if the turning will speed up or slow down, but to watch him. Tanya says that they should bring people to see him when they have time, particularly Hope. Puck asks how long Datu has, and asks if that they all have to be there, since most of them are not doing anything. Tanya says that she will go back, due to the fact she has lots of work to do, such as researching about the Follistatin bottle, looking over the results of Datu's tests, and Lizzy's due date is soon, where she says that there is either no work at all, or a lot of work to do at once. Puck says that they should take a look at Ink's home, with Michael saying that he promised to stay there with Datu. Puck says that they can go out without him, where Tanya says that CJ let them have free reign over the other truck, as her way of saying she cares, or that she is sorry. Michael says that he doesn't want to do it alone, where Tanya says that Max and Victor came alone with her, and that they should stay there with him. Tanya says she does not know what Victor did, but that Michael should give him another chance. Michael tells Puck to escort Tanya back, letting Victor and Max stay there with him. Puck asks who is in charge, where Michael jokes about having Carl in charge, but lets Puck take charge. Tanya asks if Michael is staying with Datu at the same safe house, and asks if Hope can be brought up to see him. Puck tells them to mount up, where Muldoon says he is drunk with power. Victor asks if he is staying, and that he was sorry that he was not paying attention last time, revealing that was the mistake he made last time, as a zombie nearly came too close. Michael then goes off to help Datu.

Tanya arrives at the Mortuary, where Puck asks if she is sure she is fine to be there alone. Tanya enters the Mortuary, to find Saul there already, asleep. Saul was waiting there for Tanya to take blood samples of each other, to see their progress on their turning. Saul asks about the tests on the air from Ground Zero, and how Datu was doing, saying that Lizzy wanted to go down to see him. Tanya takes a blood sample of Saul, to which he did not notice, but when he takes one for Tanya, accidentally jabs her. Tanya tests the results, showing that the K-18 results have gone down since last night, showing that their K-18 levels have been going up and down since she started doing the test. Saul questions whether they are turning, as their levels should not be going down, with Tanya saying that they are not out of the clear yet, due to several reasons, but in no position to tell people. Saul asks how bad they are compared to Datu, to which she says that his levels at the same stage as Cindy, the test subject, but slower, to which Tanya says there is no doubt he his changing. Compared to their results, they have been going up and down, crossing the lines of Datu and Cindy. She says that she looked for other symptoms, such as Datu saying he could feel himself changing. Saul says that he doesn't think he felt anything, but was not sure, where Tanya says that she has not felt anything. Saul says that is a good thing, but Tanya brings up that they both could breath at Ground Zero. Saul suggests to take Datu there, to see what happens, but he is needed at the well. Saul then suggests giving the air sample to Datu, where Tanya doesn't want to risk it, as it would be a waste, and might accelerate his changing. Saul asks if she has found anything at all, where they go over to the testing area. Saul expresses his concern about the events at Ground Zero, saying that he feels they are relying on her too much, and that he hasn't been that helpful. Tanya reassures him, saying that she is doing it for them, and that she enjoys it. She says that it was a worthless trip, as she does not know how to test it. She tried exposing the air to cell culture dishes, and blood samples, but to no effect. She has recorded everything they know of Inglewood, but with nothing coming up. She does not want to tell anyone about the results, as she does not want them to be exposed. She expresses her frustration, as she has the answer there, but cannot see it. Saul asks about where the gas came from, but she is unsure. Tanya says that whatever let out the gas, it was deep, and only happened at Inglewood, due to the fact that no one else felt the earthquake, but cannot ever know due to the fact they cannot reach the area, without a drill. Saul asks what else she has researched, and picks up the bottle of Follistatin. Tanya says that it is also another dead end, as she cannot find out anything about it, besides it is a protein, and that all tests on it have failed. The other evidence is she cannot find, and is made harder as Raydon labs was burned down. She feels that whenever they find something new, they take "one step forward and two steps back". Saul asks about the note, to where Tanya says that Kelly has been trying to find anything about the symbols, and the information about Ink, she has not gotten any sleep. Saul feels he has done nothing, and has been with Lizzy since he found out about their blood samples. Tanya says that she wants Saul to be with her, to make sure she is safe, and that she wants him to let her do this. Saul says he feels left out, and tries to offer his help. Tanya says that even she cannot do anything else, but that he needs to focus on more important stuff, like Lizzy's due date, and collecting equipment for the delivery, not wanting to take any risks. Saul and Tanya start to get excited about the baby coming, where Saul says that he might not turn. They then hear something outside, so they look at the camera. To their surprise, they see that Burt has finally returned, where Tanya tries to hide her equipment. Saul brings Burt inside, where Tanya says "You're back, huh?". Burt replies that he "Couldn't stay away", leaving the whereabouts of Riley, and the fate of Scratch up in the air.



"This is my fault" - Michael in 41 - Eye of the Storm
"So you're back, huh?" - Tanya, asking Burt in 41 - Eye of the Storm



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