Chapter Number40
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date11/18/13
Part 2 Air Date11/25/13
Part 3 Air Date12/2/13


[top]Part 1

They are reading a Newspaper article interview of correctional counselor Nick Roberts report on suspected mass murderer Dr. William Isaak ďBillĒ Roberts age 41. The report says he should stay at a medical facility indefinitely because he is unstable and could succumb to outside stressors, he is lucid but he can lose control either on purpose or otherwise. He is best when he is left alone, He was in Cane mental hospital then transferred to country jail. Another inmate had a jail tattoo kit. Ink was discovered with tattoos covering his hands and face. Ink paid off someone named Cowen in the next cell to tattoo him. Kelly shows Michael a picture of Ink, in his suit, before he was tattooed and the footage from Dunbar, Roberts is definitely Ink. All Kelly could find about his murders was it happened last May in Santa Monica. Ink killed his wife, the guy she was cheating with and his whole family. Ink was locked up when the outbreak occurred.

Kelly noticed that Ink had a hearing for sentencing out the country courthouse the day of the outbreak, the courthouse should have hard copies of his papers in the Judges chamber. Any other information would be electronic and nearly impossible to get.
Michael checks with Saul and finds out that Lizzy is welding up a gun mount on another truck and asks Saul
Kelly tells Michael that she will give him directions on the way there. She insists on going because she knows her way around the court house, and she knows what files to look for.
Kelly and Tonya still donít have any updates on the chemicals and notes they found at Raydon labs. Michael bangs on the door to wake up Robbins but Puck says he is dead, asphyxiated on his own fat. Robbins tells them heís up and Michael tells Puck that he hates him. Michael confirms that Tanya and Victor are at the mortuary. Kelly assumes that Tanya is busy reviewing the blood samples of the girl that changed named Wendy.

Tanya and Victor are driving to Ground Zero, to collect an air sample for her to test on. Tanya fixes the tank that Victor previously had, that had the air leak. She repairs it by pouring washing up liquid into it, and seeing where the bubbles form, where it happens to be the fitting onto the tank and cable, to which she tightens back up. Tanya says if he was worried about it she would wear that tank, which Victor then adds that she might not even need the tank. Victor tells her that everyone knows that Saul and Victor are special because they survived zombie infection. Maybe it was the antibiotics and Victor hopefully asks if she has more but they are all gone. There is a thunderstorm brewing and Victor is worried about it and about not having a gun truck. Tonya has some bags to take samples.

They drive deep into Inglewood, parking at the same spot as last time, but something is different. A crow cries letting everyone know that the air isn't dangerous but Victor doesn't notice. Victor tells Tanya to watch her vector, which Tanya replies that Victor is starting to sound like Saul. Victor laments that everyone forgets how much time he spent out in field, and when Tanya says that itís not true, which Victor tells her to tell that to Michael. What Victor does notice a little later is that the bodies are all gone, meaning that the zombies came and got them. Victor then comments that the haze is gone, where Tanya takes off her mask. She convinces Victor to take off his mask too, and when he can breathe he realizes that the zombies wonít be kept out any longer. When he goes to leave they notice a zombie next to the truck with its back to them. Victor wants to radio for help but Tanya begs him not to, because Saul and her might be infected, and that she needs a sample of whatís there to test against them. Tanya says that if everyone thinks they might be infected, he knows what they will do. Tanya pleads that Saul said she could trust him, and that you were his best friend. They decide that on the count of 3 they are going to round the corner and shoot the zombie. As they turn the corner, Victor sees a Little one jump on the normal zombie and tear into it, he saw the number 7 on it and held his fire, but Tanya, with slower reflexes, shoots at it, getting its attention, to where they have to run.

Michael is arguing with the colony to keep his truck. Michael says he fixed this truck he gets to use it. Carl plays devilís advocate on how important it is for the colony to find fuel to grow crops and preserve the food they have. Robbins argue that food is worthless if they are dead while Carl argues that finding the zombies wonít matter if they starve. Carl also argues that they havenít prevented any attacks, and chasing them might actually cause an attack. Kelly comments that some of the big zombie attacks seem retaliatory. This really pisses Robbins off and he rants how the zombies are just waiting to kill them. Kelly responds with the fact the Robbins is lumping them all together and that some are different. When they get to a parking area near the secure entrance to the courthouse, Robbins finds a transport van that was torn apart, with the back doors flung open. A crow cries. Kelly checks and verifies that this is the transport that was carrying ďBill RobertsĒ. Ink never even made it inside the courthouse; this was where Ink was turned.

[top]Part 2

CJ is working on Paperwork, Pegs is bragging about the fact the Mrs. Maggoo the cow is making milk and her calf Mr. Moowernís is cute and that another cow Lady Grey is also pregnant. Pegs offers her Milk but CJ is lactose intolerant. CJ seems a little intimidated that Pegs is so successful with the farming. CJ is really stresses that diesel fuel shortage may let the food spoil. The lack of gun trucks is making it impossible to search farther out. They are also running out of large caliber bullets. The biggest problem of the fuel shortage is preventing them from getting fresh water. Glen and Datu have been working on a new water pump.

There is less than a week before all the diesel is gone there is enough unleaded to run smaller generators for another week after that. They might have to move but there are not enough supplies to make a big move. Pegs is optimistic but CJ is losing hope. CJ says there in not a good enough way to filter the oils and infections from the river water, she is not even happy about using it for the crops. She says after all they went through all the Zís really had to do was wait them out.

Scene switches to what sounds like a thunderstorm. Tanya begs Victor to take the tanks off because they are heavy. Victor tells Tanya he has to call for help now. A little one is beating on the door but they hear a sound so loud that it must be an earthquake. Frantically they put their air tanks on and run for the truck hoping the zombies die. They crawled under a fence but Tonyaís harness is stuck on the fence. They leave Tanyaís tank behind just as Little one number seven crawled under the fence after them. Victor shoots at the zombie but hits the tank which explodes shooting back like a rocket, dragging the little one with it until crashing into a brick wall. The haze is flowing out of a crack and Tonya Runs off to get an air sample. Victor notices in shock that Tanya can breathe the haze with no problems. The sound of little one lets them know that they can breathe the haze too. They make it too the truck safely and drive off. Tanya calls the closest patrol Mac, who is in Glenwood, when asked he said he didnít feel the aftershock. Mac asks why she is in a car and she lies and claims itís the generators. Tanya confides in Victor that if she and Saul and the little one can breathe the haze that it is not good.

Puck, Michael, Robbins, and Kelly are looking for the records center in the courthouse. Carl and Muldoon are waiting in the truck. Michael is having fun telling Kelly what a fantastic wonderful princess Kelly is and he hopes she is having fun transcribing this. The courtroom is completely black. This was the room that Ink (William Roberts) was tried. Kelly mentions that OJ Simpson was tried here too. Puck says so thatís where his guilty ass sat. Kelly corrects him that they found OJ innocent but Puck stands by what he said. They find nothing in the courtroom so they go into the Judges chamber.

Kelly finds his court files and evidence mixed in with other trials. They head down to the truck, Puck mentions that there are cameras everywhere and if they are not in a hurry they could find camera footage. They only have two spare batteries and they burn through one checking cameras. Pegs is trying to call Michael on the radio but he says he will talk to her later. Puck wants to see why INK was not killed when the zombies attacked. Puck finds files at 10:42 AM. Three regulars attack the van and manage to get his arm and moments later they stop attacking. They comment that INK never made a sound. Battery is running low so they skip forward 30 minutes. The back of the van was kicked open and Ink stepped out. The two biters around him froze and even stepped aside to let him walk by. The battery dies, and everything goes black.

[top]Part 3

Datu and Glenn are loading up a truck to head to the Water Pump to finish it off, with a new gear box and solar panels. CJ notes her concern for the weather, stating that it could cause problems for them, despite wanting it done soon. Glenn argues that they do not know when they could finish the pump off if they do not go now, since they are so close to finishing now. CJ is concerned that Michael's Gun truck has not returned, and that the other one does not have enough fuel to guard the two and get more fuel. Glenn says it would not matter if they can finish the work and shut off the main generator that is currently there, taking the fuel from it. Datu then comes up with the idea of using the Mata Gun to protect them, meaning they would not need a gun truck, and shows CJ how it works. When CJ sees this, she is convinced when both Datu and Glenn say it will work, along with the help other another person to guard them. Glenn is not confident that they will finish the mill today, whereas Datu is confident that they will, saying that he has total faith in them.

Victor and Tanya return to the Mortuary, with the air sample they collected. Victor sees Michael return, and they panic to cover up any traces of the visit to Inglewood. Michael comes in, along with Kelly, showing them the files the Soldiers collected at the courthouse. Victor questions Michael's decision to come straight to the mortuary, with Michael saying they were not followed. Kelly starts to list off all of Inks degrees, with Tanya saying "The smarter you are in death....". Michael asks what she said, with Tanya saying she didn't consider that Ink could be intelligent. Kelly notes that due to the fact he pleaded Insanity, he had no record of mental illness, but was confirmed to have Schizophrenia. Kelly wonders how he managed to pull it off, stating he must of had a good lawyer. Tanya asks if there were anymore, with Michael saying there wasn't much else useful, and light on leads. Victor notices the image of the other man, which apparently got mixed in with the files about Ink. Tanya sees the images of the murders performed by Ink, and Michael shows them the video of when Ink was turned. Tanya asks what happens when you are turned, when you are already a monster. Tanya says that they are no closer to seeing how this all started, with Michael replying that Ink definitely didn't, to which Tanya replies "But he wants to end it". Michael decides that they will try out his home address, with Kelly saying that the colony are still asking for the gun truck, with Pegs even calling to try ask Michael. Victor then says that he recognises the image of the other man, Austin Mckibben, saying he looks familiar. Victor then asks Michael if he needs any help, with Michael saying he has all he needs, with Victor apologising for a previous mistake. Micahel says the mistake was too close for comfort. Victor argues that Michael takes trainees out all the time, with Michael saying he already gave Victor a shot, and that he "cannot risk having him out there again".

Datu and Glenn are out at the Water Mill, where the storm starts to head in. Datu is trying to lift the gear box to the top of the Mill, where Jay tightens it down. Jay then comes back down, and takes back control of the Mata Gun. Datu and Glenn argue where to place the solar panels, where Datu asks with help to connect them up. Jay questions whether the Mill will work, saying he has never seen a mill connected to solar panels. Glenn finishes connecting the panels, where Datu then attempts to turn on the system, powered by the wind mill and the solar panels, with no water being drawn up initially. Glenn goes to turn off the generator, when Datu starts getting some water. Glenn hears a noise, where Jay checks it out, with Datu saying to get into the truck. Zombies then jump out, killing Glenn. Jay manages to shoot off a few rounds of the Mata gun, killing a few of the attackers, where he then gets killed. Datu tries to shoot them, but then gets his gun knocked away. Datu is on the floor begging for his life, where a struggle appears, ending with a cutting sound. Datu then begins to scream, when the zombies then run off, leaving the two bodies and Datu on the floor. Datu is on the floor crying, when a beeping sound starts to go off. Finally, a screech is heard off in the distance, with the ending of the beeping, and the sound of machinery moving.



"After all we went through all they really had to do was wait us out" - CJ in 40 - Monsters

"It was then, that Kelly, the overworked, wonderful, gorgeous, brilliant princess led us right to where we needed to go. With the ugly and horrible Michael, close behind." - Michael via Kelly in 40 - Monsters



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