"Chemical Reactions"
Chapter Number39
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date10/21/13
Part 2 Air Date10/28/13
Part 3 Air Date11/4/13


[top]Part 1

The scene starts at the Mortuary 20 minutes after Wendy was bitten, by a regular. Robbins and Carl are chaining her to a table. She has been sedated with Choroform. Tanya arrives from Dunbar, where she starts ordering them around. asking them to do trivial chores. There are body parts in jars everywhere, that Tanya has been testing on. Tanya has Robbins help her take blood samples from her. Tonya gets excited, shouting "Yes, 375, oh boy we have something now". She continues to collect more samples every two minutes, until she decides to start dissecting her. Robbins objects, saying that she is still alive. March 1st 2010, Michael's next diary entry describes finding a dead behemoth. After months of searching a group of civilians searching for fuel find a behemoth that had recently died from no visible causes. while inspecting it, a regular zombie snuck up and bit a female colonist, Wendy. They would normally kill her on the spot, but Tanya wanted to monitor someone turning. Puck and Carl lament on how the .50 caliber truck escorting them didn't help save them, saying maybe CJ will be more lenient about the rule, but decided she would actually be more forceful about it.

Michael, Puck, Carl and a trainee from the Colony, Jay, go out to replace batteries and memory cards on the 62 cameras set up to search for zombie movements. Camera number 40 with card number 32 is the first inspected. If a sensor detects motion the camera takes a picture. Jay comments that CJ told him that Michael’s crew has been unable to find any zombies. Only thing on the camera was a lone wolf (solo) zombie and a dog so they grab the camera on the corner. Carl spots another lone wolf but it has something in its hand. Michael looks at the picture and recognizes the zombie as Randy. Michael decides to try to follow where he went, without giving a reason why, just stating that "This one might be different". Puck grabs another nearby camera to try to figure out which way Randy is going. Jay notices that the picture is only 15 minutes old, so Michael orders everyone in the truck and goes chasing off in the direction that Randy went. They stop near an alley and figure out which way the zombie went, due to the fact they can smell where they went, where Puck comments that “they are not the only ones who can follow a trail by smell”. The alley is too small for the truck but when Michael spots Randy he and Puck follow despite the danger. Randy easily jumps over a fence that Puck has to help Michael get over, where Michael runs around the building, leaving Puck behind. Michael reaches the others and tries to follow Randy, but gets reminded that Puck was left behind. A few regular zombies find Puck and he has to fight them off by himself. Michael reaches Puck, who easily took out the regulars, but is pissed at being abandoned. Michael asks to meet them back at the front, where Carl says that they can't. Michael and Puck reach where the truck is to find that Jay managed to get the truck stuck in a flowerbed, where Michael decides to try follow him on foot. Puck convinces Michael to stay by pointing out that he just got outsmarted by zombies, and points out that Randy dropped his bag. They find the bag contained two bottles, one was broken and smelled strongly of an unknown chemical. The labels were soaked in the chemical, making them unreadable, but all that could be read on one bottle was “FO”. However, they do manage to find a logo, where Michael asks someone to ask Kelly to find anything she can on Raydon Labs.

[top]Part 2

The episode begins with Kelly typing into a computer. The phone rings; its Michael. She asks if he has found the address for Raydon Labs on the map, and asks his current location. He tells her that he is at safehouse 16, and that Raydon Labs isn't too far away. Kelly then asks if he wants Muldoon and Robbins to meet him there, though he radios the request to them himself. Kelly informs him that CJ is asking them to send back Jay and the gun truck for a construction mission. This frustrates him, and she suggests he take Victor as extra backup. Instead, he asks if she and Victor will check CJ's library for more information regarding Raydon Labs. Their conversation ends.

Tanya enters the room with her notes from Wendy's autopsy and blood samples, and Saul follows close behind - noticing that Tanya appears exhausted. Insisting she's fine, she says that she will spend the night at Dunbar to catch up with "her boy". Kelly enquires if she has ever heard of Raydon, to which she admits that she's never heard of them. The name sounds familiar to Saul however, though puts down the familiarity to a plane company called Raytheon. Tanya asks Kelly to input the notes into the computer, and Kelly pushes her for a little more information about their content.
Victor enters the room, also enquiring about Tanya's findings. Saul chastises them both for questioning her, insisting she is tired and knows nothing more than she has already shared. From outside the room, we hear Lizzy's voice, and Saul sarcastically thanks Victor for waking her. Saul tells Lizzy to "waddle back to her room", saying he will send Tanya to see her soon.
Victor asks Tanya about the behemoth, and she tells him about it being riddled with tumours. She doesn't believe these to be the cause of death however. Tanya continues to be questioned by Victor and Kelly about Wendy's blood samples and infection stages. Saul cuts them down again, though Tanya does go into more detailed about the elevated keratin levels in the blood during each stage of infection - hinting that she could use the data to develop a test for checking if a person is turning. She appears hesitant about pursuing this though - admitting that she isn't 100% sure and does not want to start a witch hunt. Victor taunts Saul about his potential keratin levels due to him being unaffected by the haze at Inglewood. Victor leaves the room to work on a generator, asking Kelly if Michael agreed to his help. She says no, blaming his reason on "that foul up". He insists that it wasn't his fault, and Saul tries to cheer him up. Saul and Tanya leave to set up her room for the night.

Now alone, she admits that she has tested both of their blood, and that they both have elevated keratin levels (Normal - 200, Saul - 311, Tanya - 340). Tanya also admits that Wendy's internal transformation was not only instantaneous, but irreversible. She states however, that she may be able to learn more if she can obtain a sample of the haze from Ground Zero, because of Saul's apparent immunity to it. He is afraid of leaving Lizzy to raise their child alone, though is interrupted when she enters the room. Tanya insists he keep quiet, and is overjoyed to see Lizzy, who wants to name her baby Nicholas (though Saul would prefer Saul Jr.) and Tanya suggests permanently moving to Dunbar to support Lizzy for when she gives birth.

The scene then moves to Dunbar, with narration from Datu. Complaining about not having a day off in weeks, he informs us that stress levels among the Colonists are rising due to diesel shortages affecting the generators.
The narration switches to Pegs, where we learn that the Colony has been expanded - increasing housing, farmland and storage capacity as well as access to water via a creek bed.
Switching back to Datu, we learn that this expansion is the reason for the diesel shortage due to the machinery used in the process. Datu explains that CJ insisted that they would find more, though this is proving both difficult and dangerous. The Colonists are also short on ammunition, promoting Datu to come up with a solution.

Glenn arrives and asks if Datu is still "working on this thing" A clearly working on some kind of compressed air weapon. Glenn admits that it just looks like a bunch of tubes and pipes. He also notices that Datu has the behemoth skin sample and jokes if Datu's "peashooter" could possibly shoot through it. He also reminds Datu that a gun truck has been waiting for over an hour to take them to the ground well. Still berating Datu about his weapon, he enquires about its PSI potential, velocity and accuracy. Datu suddenly loads up and fires 7 shots at the skin sample. To Glenn's utter amazement, Datu has hit and penetrated the sample twice, and admits that he stands corrected and is totally impressed. He even christens it the "Matagun", and offers to help Datu modify it and produce more. Passing Pegs' farm, they notice its progress, to which Datu suddenly remembers to do something important and runs off.

Switching over to Pegs working on the farm, she receives a call from Michael. He informs her about his potential lead, and asks Pegs if she will ask CJ if they can use the gun truck to check it out. Initially reluctant, she agrees to ask. Datu then runs in with a bunch of flowers for Pegs from Michael - apparently he was supposed to do it earlier in the morning!

Over to Michael at the safehouse. He receives a call from Pegs - CJ has agreed to his request. He informs Puck, Muldoon and Robbins that they are ready to head out to Raydon Labs.

[top]Part 3

We pick up the action with Michael and co arriving at Raydon Labs. Located in the city of Vernon, it is described a plain square building within an industrial complex, adorned with cylindrical towers and exhaust pipes atop its structure. Also described as a plain white building with patches of painted-over graffiti, the only hint to the building’s identity is a small plaque on the door containing the company logo. Locating a large shipping door, the team drive the gun truck up to its front.

Upon entering the building, they find a large shipping area with boxes and pallets stacked in long rows. They also find several doors leading to office areas. The gun truck moves into the shipping area and the team begin their search. They identify one of the pallets as containing boxes of Preparation H, to which Puck jokingly remarks that Robbins may find them useful. Carl and Muldoon remain here on guard detail while Michael, Puck and Robbins begin searching the offices.

From Michael’s narration, we learn that the team clear several rooms on the first floor, including s medical lab. From their observations, the area appears undisturbed and abandoned. Michael informs the team that CJ is planning on pulling the plug on their searches, and that he has fought with her several times over the matter (thus explaining his eagerness to chase down Randy). As they continue to discuss their theories and what jobs they will be assigned next, Robbins notices a smell – which Michael also notices. Rounding a corner, they find rows of cubicles that have been turned upside down, with papers strewn everywhere and bottles similar to the one that Randy dropped have shattered and soaked into the floor. Robbins remarks that the carpet is still wet – indicating that it must have happened very recently. Michael asks Puck to take pictures of the labels, naming them as he does (one of which is Somatropin). Rounding another corner, they find another dozen cubicles that have again been scattered and searched. They continue searching through all the strewn about paperwork when they find an office door that has been busted open, with an additional padlock and plate dangling from its screws; its entire frame in splinters, and the name “Dr W.I. Roberts” on the door. As they enter, they notice police tape around the door and several storage and glass cabinets. They question as to why the office would be sealed off with police tape and why there was an extra padlock on the door, with Puck summarising that the tape must have been placed there before the outbreak. Puck also notices that many of the glass bottles are missing, but that their columns are labelled. Notably, one of the items is identified as “follistatin” by Robbins – who has found a written note containing several indecipherable marks and symbols as well as the name follistatin and the address of the building. They also notice the name on the desk which strikes them all as being very familiar.

Suddenly, Muldoon radios the team – something is wrong downstairs. He can’t see anything, but can certainly hear something. Then a zombie screech is heard in the background, and the team begin running back down to the others. Gun fire can be heard in the loading dock, and when Michael and co arrive, they find the gun truck being chased by one of the “little ones”. Michael notices however that “it is not so skinny or little anymore”. Grown wider and taller now, it continues to leap from container to container, attempting to get at the gun truck. One of the storage tanks ruptures, spewing out its chemical contents. The team scramble off the floor onto the pallets, and notice that the chemicals have begun to mix into a corrosive compound, flooding the area with noxious gases. The truck speeds in to where they are hiding, in the process spraying the little one with the liquid. As the team jump into the truck, they continue to fire on the little one with the 50 cal, piercing it through the chest in the process and knocking it back into the chemical mix. The entire lab complex burns as the team make their escape, with Michael stating that whatever the biters were after inside, they can no longer get. As Robbins attempts to examine the note he retrieved, he drops it. They stop the truck and Puck leaps out after it – though it wasn’t really necessary as they had taken a photo of it back at the lab. As they attempt to drive on however, they notice that the tyres have melted as a result of the chemical spill. They jump out on foot and check for the nearest safe house. Grabbing the 50 cal and radio, they start running for the safe house. Making their way to the third floor, they fortify the entrance and train their guns on the windows. Robbins has suffered a chemical burn on his arm. Noises of the biters can be heard from the outside, though the team cannot see them due to the windows being blacked out and barred. Several hours pass, as do the noises.

As they begin checking the map for locations of other cars, they check the note Robbins picked up – Carl realising that it is a shopping list. They also check through the photos on the camera, calling Dunbar to get a check on the follistatin. Continuing to search through the pictures, they come across the one with the name on the desk. It strikes them all with a sense of familiarity again, leaving them pondering the question – who is William Isaac Roberts?


The original "air dates" of Chapter 39 were
  • Part 1- 21st October 2013
  • Part 2- 28th October 2013
  • Part 3- 4th November 2013


"You - waddle back to your room" - Saul in 39 - Chemical Reactions

"Frog can't turn back into a tadpole" - Tanya in 39 - Chemical Reactions

"Anyone need a pallet of Preparation H? Robbins, I'm looking at you." - Puck in 39 - Chemical Reactions



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