"Unity Makes Strength"
Chapter Number38
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date9/23/13
Part 2 Air Date9/30/13
Part 3 Air Date10/7/13


[top]Part 1

Tanya is telling Datu that she dismissed everyone from the hospital, CJ encouraged her to get them out as soon as possible. Datu is worried that they are rushing to remove Hopeís eye patches, but Tanya tells them it is time. When Hopeís bandages come off everything is still blurry to her. She whines that her sight might be a little better. Datu tries to be optimistic that things are better and suggests glasses but Hope is just negative about the whole process. Hope is convinced that they next time they move she wonít be able to find her way around and she will still be a liability.
When Datu leaves Tanya rips into Hope telling her to stop being mean to Datu. Datu has risked everything for a chance for Hopeís sight to get better and she doesnít give a damn. Tanya tells Hope to make it right with Datu or next time she might get behind.

Saul and Victor are packing up to move to Dunbar. Michael is trying to find a way to bring everything back to the colony instead. Saul tells Michael that itís CJís call , talk to her. The colony is almost back to normal under C.J.ís leadership.

CJ had a hospital bed with an umbrella wheeled out to the middle of the street, that she used to issue her orders. She has Carl taking inventory of the Armory, Burt is fixing the 50 caliber from Dunbar and Puck & Robins are out looking for parts for the wall. Michael is upset that some of their best people are being sent to Dunbar. CJ explains that the only other people qualified to run Dunbar is Michael and her. Michael makes his plea that they MUST search for the zombies before something worse happens. They need to learn more about the zombies Tanyaís research must continue. CJ finally tells Michael that he will see plenty of Saul because he will be searching for the zombies from Dunbar. There is also a mortuary next to one of the safe houses that Tanya can use to do her research. Michael is thrilled until CJ tells him her demands. He needs to train the colonists to use the weapons. Michael admits to himself that CJ is a good leader, maybe even the best person to lead the colony.

The scene switches to Riley and Lizzy. Riley is pissed at CJ for splitting them all up right after they all got reunited. Lizzy says she canít stay when Saul is leaving. Riley even suggests that something happened between CJ and Saul.

Michael tries to talk Saul into joining his search team but Saul say he has a son coming he needs to play it safer. Kelly comes to see Victor off. Saulís last comment is that he wonít miss CJ ordering him around , which reminds Michael to give Saul a To-Do list from CJ.

[top]Part 2

Lizzy Saul and Victor are packed up and saying goodbye to the other colonists. After they leave Kelly finds Michael to tell him she wants to help in the search. Muldoon Robbins Puck and Carl are Michaelís current team. Michael reminds Kelly that she once made a big deal about ďWeíre not solderísĒ so Kelly says she was wrong. Michael says he is not sure if he can use her but it was worth it to hear here admit she was wrong.

Glen brings some parts and a vice to Burt to help him fix the 50 caliber. CJ comes it to talk to Burt so Glen leaves to go back to working on the gate. CJ is very gentle in her requests to find out when it will be repaired. She suggests making multiple mounts so the 50 caliber can be mounted in various places around the colony. Burt dismisses her idea as a waste of time, all they need is to mount it to a truck so it is movable. Once again CJ is very passive around Burt, is it sympathy over Burtís loss of a finger or is she intimidated by him? She tells Burt that most people are happy with her command, Burt just doesnít like having people tell him want to do. Burt tells her that he is not her lap dog, thatís Michaels job. Burt says his main concern is What about Scratch? CJ tells him that she is setting up traps and cameraís to be prepared if they try to come back. Burt says that it will not be enough, but he just wanted to know what she was going to do, thatís all.

Tanya is showing Kelly how to enter journal records. Kelly is shocked to find photoís of bodies and Tanya says that it doesnít even bother her anymore. Tanya says she uses them to analyse patterns, like how they usually go for the neck. Tanya explains Victorís account of the attack on the colony, controlled movement and restraint. She explained that the one in the Suit held back the numbered ones until ammo was used up. Kelly tells Tanya to get some sleep and Tanya gets pissed that Kelly thinks she is making this up. Kelly apologizes and says that maybe what Tanya needs is a fresh perspective from Kelly. Kellyís final comment to herself is that it beats laundry.

Pegs is explaining to the colonist that they are not growing the crops correctly. She tells the colonist to make box gardens to grow potatoes. Pegs clearly is in her element.
The scene shifts to Datu getting the main gate working. Michael complains that his arm is hurting, Puck asks about it, Michael is about to tell Puck how he broke it when Pegs interrupts. A call comes in that Robbins saw another car leaving the colony, not sure who was in the passenger side of the car but Burt is driving.

[top]Part 3

Michael realizes that Burt and Lizzy have left the colony. Burt tells Lizzy not to worried that they have been spotted. Lizzy is upset she didnít get a chance to say goodbye. They decide to stay the night at the safe room next to the fallen tower, then search any place the Mallers have been after that. Burt still has a police radio so they can get in contact with the colony if necessary.

Saul and Victor are loading supplies in Dunbar apartments. Victor says how much he loves the elevator because they are staying on the 7th floor. Lizzy Over packed for the tower but is a little worried that zombies might hear a baby crying. Saul reminds her that the walls are brick and the windows are triple pane glass, sounds will not escape the building. There is a baby room in the apartment complex. Saul explains that CJ lived down the hall and Lizzy makes a comment about how close she was to Saul.

Victor hears the cats and cries in alarm they know Iím back. Saul Laughs and Victor says he is going to change the lock. Lizzy asks if anything ever happened between CJ and Saul so he confesses that CJ tried to kiss him but he pushed her away. When asked if anything else happened Saul admits that CJ flashed them once. That ticks off Lizzy and Saul asks about what happened when she was a prisoner of the Mallers. The argument gets really ugly and Lizzy asks Saul to leave. Saul refuses to leave until they work out their problems. They lay down next to each other and Lizzy says that Saul is poking her in the leg and she starts grabbing at his pants. Lizzy rips Saulís pants pulling a surprise out of Saulís pants, she is shocked to find a ring. So Saul asks her to marry him. Lizzy Accepts and Saul tells a happy Victor. Saul is surprised that Lizzy wants a formal wedding, but quickly realizes that he doesnít have a choice.

Michael calls Dunbar to see if Burt is there and Burtís letter is found during the call. CJ lies and Tells Victor that Burt and Riley are on a special mission and may stop in in Dunbar. CJ reminds Michael that she canít allow deserters but she understands why Burt and Lizzy left so she is covering for them. The walls are finished so CJ gives Pegs permission to work on the Garden and gives Michael permission to combine training with his searches.

Pegs tells Michael that they canít just go back to the ways things were, but that doesnít mean it canít happen. ďThatís the most complicated version of Lets just be friends that I have ever heard.Ē Is Michaelís reply and they both laugh. Puck and Tony see Michael smiling as he leaves and they accuse him of getting it on with CJ. Michael updates them on the search missions .


The original "air dates" of Chapter 38 were
  • Part 1- 23rd September 2013
  • Part 2- 30th September 2013
  • Part 3- 7th October 2013


"It's gone, man! It's freakin' gone! No way everyone got outta there." - Victor in 25 - Inadequate Strength



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