"Balance of Power"
Chapter Number37
Number of Parts3
Working Title"New Beginnings, New Endings"
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date8/26/13
Part 2 Air Date9/2/13
Part 3 Air Date9/9/13


[top]Part 1

Crows can be heard cawing along with the mumbling of little ones. A chopper approaches and Moldune and Roberts gun down a little one. They are about 2 miles southwest of the Colony. A second little one gets to cover between two buildings. Carl is chasing it down in the truck and Puck fires the fifty caliber at it from the back of a truck. After gunning it down Puck exclaims “What was that I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my awesomeness” Muldoon orders them to confirm the kill. Puck tells Carl it is his turn. Carl shoots it in the head to make sure it’s dead. They land the chopper to confirm the kill on the first little one and discover it is still alive. The zombie says something like “we’re alive” but its unclear. Then the zombie clearly says “DIE” and Michael replies with “You First” then shoots it.

Another surge of attacks occurred within hours of landing in the helicopter. They had barely unloaded the helicopter when 30 zombies including 2 little ones attacked the back gate. It didn’t matter they were stronger and eliminated the threat.
Michael and Saul are worried about the gate being shot when Michael yells “DATU FIX!” and then says done, don’t worry about it.
Carl complains that he was not allowed to bring the body of the little one inside the gate, Michael says that it’s the colony’s rules but they can be changed. Victor says “YOU in charge… people here tend not to forget.”

Burt nearly passes out so they take him into the infirmary. There are about 12 beds in the hospital all filled with wounded. Burt notices that the woman next to him is looking bad and Michael calls for Tonya but she is busy. The woman is Amy, she has 2 large gashes across her left leg. Michael tries to make her comfortable when she starts to transform. Michael pulls his gun to shoot her but Tonya stops him. Tonya then injects several syringes into Amy to kill her. Michael turns to talk to Burt but he had already passed out from Exhaustion.

Michael passes out from exhaustion too but is awakened by CJ screaming in pain. Saul is begging for pain killer for CJ but there is nothing less. Michael offers to make Chloroform and someone is sent out for supplies. Michael asks Tonya if she can fix the leg but she says it too late the leg has to be cut off.

[top]Part 2

Saul is trying to Rush Michael when he is making Chloroform. When Saul asked him where he learned it from he replies “from two guys I shared a tent with”. When asked if he got high on it Michael replies “Let’s just say it was more fun to make it”

In the Hospital CJ is screaming for them to not take her leg. Saul stops Tonya from knocking her out and says that CJ has to make the decision. After Saul calms her down she agrees to the surgery. CJ is not knocked out by the Chloroform so they put a towel over her face and put on headsets playing loud music.

Tonya has someone named “Max” walk hope home then they proceed with the amputation. The surgery lasted nearly 5 hours and ended at 3AM. CJ Survived. The 2 days after the surgery the colony run itself nobody was in charge. Everyone just did what needed to be done. Michael decides it’s finally time to talk to Pegs.

Michael runs into Puck Victor and Carl going to rummage the Maller’s housing for clothes and stuff.
Michaels meeting with Pegs is stiff and uncomfortable, Saul interrupts to say hi then realizes what is going on and gives them time alone. Pegs admits she was seeing someone else in Boulder, Michael’s letters didn’t come until after she was involved. Peg’s tells Michael that her new boyfriend didn’t make it to the colony. Peg’s know why Michael came but she needs to make something clear. Whatever they had before Pegs doesn’t even know if she wants it anymore. Michael says there’s a lot of things in his life that caused him pain, once almost has his arm broken off but nothing hurt his as deep as that did.

Michael wanders over to the Maller housing where he is spotted by Puck. When Puck realizes his heart had been broken he immediately turns into a protective mother goose. Puck rambles on about how cool baseball cards are.
Victor is excited to find season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but is upset to find out that disc 2 is messing. Victor has to explain that the colonist blame Michael for the Maller’s finding the Colony. The Maller’s are not going to support Michael as a leader.
Carl finds the video of Angel being executed. Victor explains that he wasn’t hiding it he just didn’t want to upset everyone.

[top]Part 3

Tonya and Hope are working in the Hospital. Tonya says "What I wouldn't give for 5 minutes on the internet" There is a commotion in CJ's room and Tonya tries to kick everyone out telling everyone she is in charge. Glenn gives a condescending whine to Tonya when he says "You? I thought CJ was in charge. CJ tells him it’s OK to leave and Glen makes the effort to say "Yes Mam" to show Tonya that he is leaving only because CJ said to. Then CJ tells Tonya that she crippled her, everyone needs to get back to work. CJ tells Tonya to get people better, that’s her job right. Tonya gets mad and exclaims "My Job! It was my choice, sweating over your mangled ass was my choice too. CJ calls in Glenn and Max (Max is a colonist who has not been mentioned much)

Tonya is told that getting Michael involved would not be a good idea. Majority picked CJ. Max comments "We didn't really poll the Non-residents. Tonya replies where would you be without Michael? CJ replies "Everyone else asked themselves that too" implying that the situation was all Michael's fault. Max bluntly says that a lot of them wouldn't have been that situation without him. Once again Glen does not take any responsibility for the Maller taking over the Colony. Glen also mentions that HE is going to fix the gate, even though Datu is already working on it. When CJ says that it’s also the Maulers fault that Sean Died, she is told that Sean was killed before the Mallers arrived. CJ gets clarification that Victor was at the colony when Sean was killed. CJ gets crutches to go find Saul and Victor

Saul learns that there is a tape of Angle being executed. Saul goes notes and Victor explains that he didn't tell anyone because everyone was happy and he didn't want to ruin it. Michael says that everyone needs to be told about Angle by the end of the day. Saul says he wished that Angle would have told the Mallers so that they would have gone to Fort Irvin and gotten their asses handed to them. CJ enters the room when Saul is crying because he just found out the Mallers killed a friend. CJ says "That’s funny I just found out the opposite" Saul apologizes to CJ which makes her mad because he got everything and she lost her leg. CJ tells Saul and Victor that they are being exiled from the colony. Victor and Saul say it’s a death sentence, then they say she can't do that because they had an deal promising them permanent residence in exchange for exploring ground zero. Victor also says if she kicks them out they will tell everyone that CJ didn't care about the colonist.
CJ lets them stay in Dunbar in exchange for their silence. CJ calls for Max to help her showing that Max and Glen have become her lap dogs.
Michael notices that the people at the colony are going back to work, not out of fear but because they follow CJ's leadership not because they have to but because they believe in her. Michael accepts CJ's leadership grudgingly but he accepts it.
The episode ends with Riley outside the colony crying at Angels grave. She is holding Angles ring and she tells Burt she doesn't care if zombies get there. Reily says nobody cares that Scratch killed Angle, and that nobody is talking about Scratch. Burt says You haven't heard me! Reily shows Burt that Scratch Buried Angle and hung the ring for everyone to see. Reily has plans to shove the ring down Scratch's throat and F anyone that disagrees with her. Burt replies I was hoping you would say that...


The original "air dates" of Chapter 37 were
  • Part 1- 26th August 2013
  • Part 2- 2nd September 2013
  • Part 3- 9th September 2013


"It's gone, man! It's freakin' gone! No way everyone got outta there." - Victor in 25 - Inadequate Strength

"What I Wouldn't Give for Five Minutes on the Internet." - Tanya in 37 - Balance of Power

"You expect us to live on the streets? There's nothing left out there! " - Victor in 37 - Balance of Power



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