"Scorched Earth"
Chapter Number36
Number of Parts1
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date12/5/12


[top]Part 1

At a Fort Irwin checkpoint Michael tells Tony to keep firing with the 50 Cal, donít let them get past the checkpoint , then tells everyone else to get inside the buildings nearby. Puck calls Michael to warn him that the area is going to be CS gassed. They load up into the hummer as the gas sweeps over the area.

At the Colony Victor yells the big one is getting closer. Saul tells him to use a pipe bomb to keep the big one away from the wall. The bomb is a direct hit but it doesnít kill it.
Victor yells a warning to look and Saul sees that standing by the police station is Nine fingers ( Ink). Standing next to Ink are the Nine little ones, but they are not so little any more. They decide they are too far away to shoot so they are going to leave them alone hoping that they donít join the fight. The back gate is out of pipe bombs so Burt runs some back to keep a big one at bay. CJ has woken and Saul needs to help her with the pain. Victor seeing the 9 little ones tells Saul that he doesnít want to end up that way. Saul gives Victor the suicide needle he made earlier.

CJ is in a lot of pain and she says itís hopeless, Lizzy gets mad and says there is always hope and they need to keep fighting. Saul gets ready to leave and Lizzy begs him to stay, she even tells him that their baby is a boy. Saul Locks Lizzy in the hospital and has the door boarded up so nothing can get in or out.

Back at Fort Irwin Michael confronts Kimmet about the gassing. After an argument he tells Michael to get back to the chopper. News comes over the radio that the zombies have started to break into the Bradleyís. Kimmet gives the order to gas the whole area around checkpoint 1, despite being told that the gas is almost gone. Michael begs Kimmet to secure the Helipad so they can save as many people as possible, Kimmet refuses and tells them that they make their stand here. Michael steals a Satellite phone so that they can call the line to the bomb so that Kimmet canít detonate it. They need 5 minutes to get away from the base far enough to have a hope of surviving the nuclear blast.

When they get back to the chopper Datu and Tony have been fighting about the repair and the chopper is not fixed yet. Tony has equipped the Jolly Green Giant with a m134 Mini machine gun. Carl is repeatedly calling to nuke to try and block the line in case Kimmet calls. Since the chopper is not fixed Michael goes to get Reily and Tonya goes to get her notes.

[top]Part 2

Little ones are attacking the hummer but the 50 caliber is keeping them off. Until one jumps on top of the hummer. They think they have knocked it off but it climbs up the back and gets near the big turret. Puck opens the back door to shoot it off but he falls off the hummer. 50 caliber fire from a nearby hummer takes out the little one before it can get to Puck. Puck thanks Michael but it was Reily who saved his life. Reily and 2 kids she was protecting get into their hummer. Puckís back is hurt badly but he can still man the 50 caliber gun.

Michael calls Tony and Datu but they are still fighting about fixing the helicopter. Michael finally has to order them to fix it Datuís way because it is the fastest.

The kids tell Michael that they got separated from their parents. Michael and Reily question them about Pegs who they donít remember but they do remember a lawyer. The barracks are full so Reily believes any other survivors would be moved to the school on the opposite of the base. When they get to the barracks they find large groups of armed people leaving the school. The kids spot their parents and leave to be reunited with them. Michael spots Pegs in the school and finds her with Lady and Kelly. Kelly has a broken leg so she couldnít go to the barracks. Pegs stayed behind with Reily.

When they get on the radio they hear that Kimmet is getting desperate and things are falling apart at the barracks. Reily realizes in horror that she sent the kids right into that mess but it too late to do anything about it. They reach the helicopter and load it with the 50 caliber and all the ammo they have. They hear over the radio that the barracks have been overrun. Kimmet drives up demanding to know what they are doing. Michael tells him itís over, it canít be stopped and offers to give him a ride. Kimmet states ďI can stop itĒ and grabs for the phone. They take off quick and argue about shooting Kimmet until it they are too far away to shoot him. They have to fly fast because the nuke has a manual trigger. They call the Blackhawk and warn them to get away now. Carl loses the sign on the phone and while he is redialing the shockwave hits the helicopter, Datu screams like a little girl.

[top]Part 3

Back at the Colony. They behemoth is doing too much damage to the gate so they open the outer gate to let them get trapped in the pit between gates. Itís their old friend with the arrow in its eye. They drop a pipe bomb on him but it doesnít kill it. The behemoth smashes open the outer gate because it was not protected from the inside. A behemoth attacks the other gate and after they help brace it up, they hear the sound of the inner gate opening. Ink has killed the guard and let in the behemoth and a lot of normal. They shoot at Ink but he gets away. The walls are not protected from the inside so they have to stop the behemoth now. Burt tells them his plan to close the outer gate and lead the behemoth out. Burt taunts the Behemoth and it charges him, before it can reach him Burt shoots out his only good eye. The outer gate is closed and Burt leads the behemoth into the zone between the gates. It turns around and they close the gate just in time chopping off the behemoths arm.

Saul looks up to see the man in the suit call the little ones, he shoots and misses. The zombie in the Suit jumps outside the walls. Saul tries to open the inner gate but itís stuck. Victor yells that the little ones are climbing the walls and that one is after Saul. Number 8 little one attacks Saul and chases Saul down the stairs until Saul Falls and rolls down the stairs in a helpless heap. Lizzy shows up and hits #8 with a Molotov cocktail. The outer gate is knocked down with nothing between Burt and the zombies outside. As Victor is yelling that Burt is still down there when they hear the sound of a chopper and minigun fire taking out the zombies charging the walls. The little one with one arm knocks down Victor knocking away his gun. Victor grabs the suicide syringe and stabs it,, right in #8ís eye. Victor rolls off the catwalk to land on top of Saul. Burt is pulled to safety and is congratulated on his "matador" skills.

The helicopter lands and Saul introduces Tanya to Lizzy, and her grandson that Lizzy is currently carrying. There are hugs and kisses for everyone. Victor welcomes back Kelly VERY affectionately. Puck, Carl and Tony just arenít feeling the love. Lizzy tries to tell Riley about Angel's death, but Victor pulls her to the side and tells her to wait, with Victor not wanting to ruin the "happy reunion" Michael tells everyone that itís not a coincidence that the man in the Suit is behind the attacks, he is tired of being on the defense, and itís time to take the fight to him.



Look at this guy! Like a Fickin Matador!




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