"The End is Near"
Chapter Number35
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date10/29/12
Part 2 Air Date11/5/12
Part 3 Air Date11/12/12


[top]Part 1

Lizzy takes the Radio for Victor and is calling for Saul, Silence… Then Saul asks where Lizzy is. They are near the Hospital which is a ways away from where Saul it. Saul tells Victor to protect Lizzy. CJ is upset there is only 7 colonists to fight back. CJ gives all the Colonists red arm bands so they eho who is on their side. Bixby seems disappointed that Michael is not there. Bixby has 30 people ready to fight and wants to send someone to get them. CJ stops them so that they are not exposed to sniper fire from a tower. CJ suggests that they take the truck to the 30 colonists instead. Saul notices the battery is dead in his radio, when he gets the radio working Victor tells Saul that Burt is here and is a sitting duck, CJ takes Saul to save Burt. Before they go Saul tells CJ to not go in the Hospital because she does not know how to properly clear rooms.

The Scene switches to CJ and a female survivor at the hospital, CJ ignores Saul’s order and enters the hospital. She finds the prison cells and actually finds Burt. They can’t release Burt because his cells is wired with an alarm. Scratch kills the female colonist. Scratch and CJ into a standoff and wait for help to arrive, but who’s help? CJ’s or Scratches? Saul opens a door at the end of the hall and scratch shoots him in the chest. In a rage CJ empties her gun in scratch’s direction and Scratch does too. CJ pulls her Katana so Scratch pulls a knife and they square off. After a few minutes of knife fighting Saul groans getting CJ’s attention

[top]Part 2

CJ is distracted when she hears Saul groan, Scratch take advantage of this and stabs CJ in the leg. Scratch works the knife in CJ’s leg until she hits an artery. Burt yells in frustrations because he is trapped in the cell. Scratch runs away saying that CJ wasn’t worth it. Saul is alive because he was wearing body armor bur has a few broken ribs. CJ is surprised that Saul came to help her first because Lizzy was so close. Saul puts a tourniquet on CJ’s leg to stop the blood. Victor shows up and breaks open Burt’s cells and is shocked to see how Burt is just skin and bones. Victor tells Saul that Lizzy is safe locked in the Office room, and that they are winning

Victor is shocked when he sees Burt’s missing trigger finger and tells him he can’t go after Scratch like that. Burt Replies “I’ll be fine I’ll pull the trigger with my dick if I have too” “She killed Shirly”

Burt is too weak to walk on his own so Saul helps him to the hospital. Burt Tells Saul about what happened to him when the tower fell. The rope broke and he fell into a tree that broke his fall and his leg. He woke up in the hospital at the colony with his leg in a cast.

When they get to the hospital they find CG screaming in pain. Saul finds pain medicine and gives CJ a shot. Saul finds something else that he tells Victor is not for CJ but possibly for himself. Saul starts an IV in Burt who would rather have a Tuna sandwich. Burt confesses that he was almost broken, the only thing left to hold on to was to end Scratch.
Lizzy enters the hospital and is finally reunited with Saul, a stoned CJ tells them to get a room.

Victor gives them an update on the fighting. Bixby and Gatekeeper took over the armoury and killed about 20 mallers. Gatekeeper was found shot dead outside the park, Bixby was found dead by the checkpoint with a knife in his neck. Scratch got free.

CJ is worried about who is in charge of the colony because it is critical that someone keeps everyone organized. CJ takes a walkie Talkie and goes into organizing mode. Victor and Saul are worried that they need a real doctor soon if CJ’s leg is to be saved.

Glen and Pete are told to come to the colony to fix the radio. Getting the radio working quickly so that a doctor can fly in from Fort Irvin is the only chance to Save CJ’s leg. Saul had to treat six wounded from the battle, and no news from Glen for nearly a day. The pain became too much for CJ so Saul knocked her out with pain medicine. Saul examined he leg and realized that any chance to save it was gone.

Glen and Pete finally made it to the colony. Victor is pissed that it took them so long. They got attacked by a little one right outside the safe house and left the radio in the car so they couldn’t call the colony. Victor hears a zombie in the distance and they see zombies waiting in the distance for an organized attack. Victor realizes that they Zombies followed Glen and Pete to the colony. Victor sees a bearded Zombie with a tattoo on his face then he sees the special zombies ready to attack.

[top]Part 3

The zombies have surrounded the colony, Victor shows Saul the 10 pipe bombs he found Tardust's house. Burt insists that he is going to help defend the walls. The colony is completely surrounded but a colonist named Lenny makes a run for it over the walls but he is quickly killed by the Zombies. The zombies are just waiting they are not attacking. Back by the police station a mass of zombies, amongst them 2 huge behemoths. Burt gets a shotgun because it is harder to miss. Saul confirms with Victor that the Swat van is by the back gate, it could get a few kids out. Glen is whining about the Satellite phone so Saul takes it to the top of the tower where he gets reception. The phone says connected but they can't hear anything. Saul assumes he can be heard and asks for help and then the phone burns up. As they try to figure out if there is anyway left to fix the phone the front gates starts opening. Someone in the swat van makes a run for it. Burt sees the man in the suit next to the Police station but can’t hit him. With a roar from the behemoths the zombies attack.

At Ft Irwin Michael picks up a satellite phone ringing but has no idea who is left with a Satellite phone. Michael hears Saul say that he is at the Colony before the phone dies.
Puck tells the news that the Bradley’s and bushmaster’s are tearing the zombies up but there is limited ammo. Kimmet orders the foot soldiers to provide support for the heavy armor. Kimmet orders Michael to deploy the robot and get the Blackhawk flying no matter who is flying it.

Anthony Roberts is pissed that his Blackhawk is gone so he starts to help Datu fix the Pelican. Muldon offers to fly it.
Since the Pelican is not fixed yet Michael goes to the check point to tell Tonya the good news about Saul.
While Tonya is still excited about the good news there is a turner at the checkpoint. After the turner is killed the screaming doesn’t stop. The zombies have figure out how to get into the Bradleys. To Michael’s horror he hears that the front line is breaking.






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