"Family Ties"
Chapter Number31
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date7/2/12
Part 2 Air Date7/9/12
Part 3 Air Date7/16/12


[top]Part 1

Episode starts with Bricks taking Lizzy to see the Doctor. Scratch shows up to take Lizzy and tells Bricks to find something else to do but he follows along anyways. Durai shows up and asks Scratch why the old man is still at the colony. Then Durai asks why is it even worth keeping him. Scratch reminds him of “The Rules” and he says “I didn’t tell to stop did it. Durai leaves and Scratch tells Bricks to starve the old man, no food until he talks.

The Dentist is operating the ultrasound so check on the health of Lizzy’s baby. The baby appears to be healthy and they find out it’s a boy. Scratch tells Lizzy to take whatever she needs to stay healthy.
Lizzy sees Scratch playing with a ring, when asked about it she said it was a blessing and a curse. It was silver with two large bird wings etched into the sided, where the body of the bird should be was a flat hexagon with a stone. In the middle were several Latin words around a symbol of 3 intertwined rings each with a spike sticking outwards. It says from life till death. Lizzy calls it pretty and Scratch says she would never describe it as that. Scratch also tells Lizzy that it looks familiar because Durai also has one. Lizzy then asks why they are watching her so closely then asks fearfully if they are going to take the baby from her. Lizzy shows the ultrasound picture to scratch who almost cries.

Then Scratch tells the story about her abortion. One of Scratch older cousins forced her when she was sixteen, so she had an abortion secretly, leaving her barren. Then he cousin tried it again but Scratch was ready and damaged him first. The other family took it hard but since her cousin didn’t die she was allowed to live, but one of their enforcers gave her the scar on her face as a daily reminder.

The story reminds Scratch that if anyone in the family is killed, for any reason that that murder must be avenged. She says she has to know and rushes off. When Lizzy asks Bricks what Scratch is going to do he gets angry and yells at Lizzy.
The Story switches to Saul and Victor. Saul is trying to figure out a way to convince CJ to go and get Lizzy. Saul decides that Lizzy won’t help them so he needs to contact the people at Ft Irwin who might. The phone he found from the chopper crew was broken so they have Glen look at it. Glen says it is a Satellite phone. The only way he can repair it if he had a similar phone, the only place he knows of one is in the colony. Saul realizes that convincing CJ that the phone is a chance to contact Ft Irwin is his excuse to go to the colony and get Lizzy back.

[top]Part 2

Saul tells CJ his plan to go to the colony and she doesn’t believe him. When she refuses to go to the colony Victor tells CJ that Sean, Hope and James made it the colony from her tower. James didn’t make it there alive and Sean was set up and murders at the colony. Saul lies and says that the prisoners killed Sean, when it was actually Gatekeeper. CJ says that if they raid the colony they will do it her way. Victor told Pete and Glen to keep the details about Sean a secret. When Saul and Victor return from dropping Pete and Glen off at the safe house they find CJ packing a Swat van full of guns. CJ had already packed the van and locked up Dunbar tower. They head to the colony at night to get set up in secret.

Scene switches to Burt locked up in the colony. Burt thanks scratch for the weight loss, and Scratch pulls out a Hammer and a knife. Burt puts on a strong front until Scare takes out Burt’s gun Shirley. Scratch proceeds to smash Shirley to pieces bringing Burt to tears.
Burt rattles his chains and challenges Scratch to a fight, because he would rather die than be a traitor to his friends. Scratch calls in Bricks and tells him to hold down Burt’s right hand. Burt promises to kill her, but she replies “Not without your trigger Finger” and she cuts his finger off. Scratch tells Bricks to grab his other hand but he defies Scratch and takes the knife from her. Scratch warns Burt that things are going to get worse and leaves. Bricks gives Burt a rag to wrap his hand in and says he will ask the doctor to check on him. Burt replies “It doesn’t matter”

[top]Part 3

The episode starts with Victor guiding CJ to a police station he knows near the colony. It was emptied out so none of the people from the colony go there anymore, except for Victor and Fernando. Saul asks him why? To make out? They have to leave the Swat van a distance away so they need to run to the police station exposed and they can’t use a gun or they will be caught. Saul pulls out his knife and says he will take care of any Zombies. CJ laughs and says “with that thing?” and pulls out a large katana. She then puts on lab goggles because things can get messy, she knows because it was the only weapon in her apartment originally. They make it to the police station but a zombie sees them, CJ doesn’t want it banging on the door so she charges it and kills it but her katana gets stuck in the zombie. Another zombie charges but Saul kills it and tells CJ “it is how you use it” Victor tells them that the zombie cleanup crew is only in LA and they will have to hide the bodies. This is the first time CJ is overpowered by the stink of Victor’s cologne, so he explains his cologne camouflage theory.

The large main room of the police station used to be filled with cubicles but they are all folded up except for one cubical on each end. Victor explains that Fernando and him used to play soccer here. Saul makes more gay jokes at Victors expense, even singing “Oh Fernando, you came and you saw without shooting me, and you took me away for some soccer.”

CJ then takes her top off and washes the zombie blood off of her breasts. Saul and Victor are speechless, and can’t stop staring, despite CJ’s weak complaints. CJ goes to the roof and Saul and Victor comment about how CJ is playing mind games with them. Saul thinks of Lizzy to break the image of CJ from his mind and he suggests that Victor do the same. Victor says “who should I think of, my dead wife?” Saul starts to apologize but Victor says no need, she was a real bitch. “She was like Frodo the Ring went on and Evil Came out”

They set up cameras to watch the colony but after a week Victor went stir crazy and challenges CJ on why they are wasting their time. Victor even complained that his hens might be dead. Victor says he doesn’t see a way or any plan at all. CJ explains how the guards on the wall are 90% conquered colony member, all they need is the right situation to fight against the mallers. CJ is planning a takeover not a grab and run rescue mission. CJ then says she thinks she knows a way in and asks victor “how long do you think you can hold your breath?”



She was like Frodo the Ring went on and Evil Came out

How long do you think you can hold your breath?



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