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Winchester .30-30 Lever Action Rifle
Winchester m94 Lever Action

Glenn's Rifle

Winchester Model 1894 (also known as Winchester .30-30 rifle, Winchester 94, Win 94,, .30-30 Winchester, or simply .30-30) is a lever-action rifle which became one of the most famous and popular hunting rifles. It was designed by John Browning in 1894 to chamber rounds loaded with smokeless powder, and was produced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company through 1980 and then by U.S. Repeating Arms under the Winchester brand until they ceased to manufacture rifles in 2006. The rifles are back in production today, being made by the Miroku company of Japan and imported into the United States by the Browning Arms company of Morgan, Utah.

The Model 1894 has been referred to as the "ultimate lever-action design" by firearms historians such as RL Wilson and Hal Herring. The Model 1894 is the rifle credited with the name "Winchester" being used to refer to all rifles of this type and was the first commercial sporting rifle to sell over 7,000,000 units

Caliber: .30-30 Winchester
Weight: 6.8 lb (3.1 kg)
Length: 37.8 in (960 mm)
Barrel length: 20 in (510 mm)
Capacity: 7 rounds
Effective Rage: 200 yards

  • Chapter 30-Part 2 - While doing an ammo check, Glenn states he needs .30-30 Winchester rounds

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