"Short Term Memory"
Chapter Number30
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date5/28/12
Part 2 Air Date6/11/12
Part 3 Air Date6/18/12


[top]Part 1

Part one starts with Saul narrating into his journal. After 5 months his image of Lizzy had faded into an outline. His IV drip is over. With CJís planning and Saul and Victors execution things have been going good. Then Saul went back to November 27th when things started to get crazy. While Victor has problems dealing with the chickens Saul finally admits that he has been letting cats into Victors room to shit on his Bed. They argue about what to watch that night. Victor wants to watch the TV show ďFoundĒ but Saul says it sucks because it was never finished, and if it was the ending would be screwed up. They call CJ on the secured police line to tell her they are returning to Dunbar Apartments. Saul then suggest that they watch some Anime. Victor says it sucks but Saul says that CJ liked it. Victor suggests that CJ likes Saul not the anime, giving the first hints that CJ wants Saul. They spot a Chinook twin rotor helicopter drop off a team in the distance. They let CJ know that they are going to track down the team from the helicopter. After tracking the team for 6 days something happened.
The Narration switched to Michael telling what he think happened by piecing together from several accounts, itís Important to understand how it happened and how it changed everything.

The helicopter was late so the field team was working on finishing maps when they heard the squeak of a little one. The helicopter is getting close but they are afraid the flare will attract the zombies. As soon as the flare goes up the zombies attack. The skinny ones wonít die and the guy with the map (Fowler) is killed. Long goes back for the map and a little one jumps on her back breaking. Her crew members drag her on to the chopper and they take off right before Saul and Victor get there.
Saul wants to inspect the body immediately before the zombies take it away. Saul takes his night vision goggles, his back and rips his unit patch off his uniform. Victor spots a #12 on one of the zombies, and comments the little ones arenít so little anymore.

[top]Part 2

The little one had on torn pants but no shoes or shirt, covered in stretch marks and self-inflicted wounds. It had to be at least 6ft 7Ētall. A shot rings out in the distance and Saul and Victor follow the sound. Victor recognizes Glen and Peteís voices while they try to close the door all the way to their hiding place. Pete doesnít want to let them in but Glen canít leave them to die. Saul uses his knife to jam the door shut. They think they are safe until a zombie slowly starts to punch a hole through a steel door. As soon as it punches completely through the door Saul shoots it in the face. Glen claims the one that punched through the door was his friend Roman. Saul disagrees and says itís a little one because turned zombies canít do things like that. Glen says that #9 attacked Roman and now Roman is attacking them. Glen and Pete thought the Chopper was Michael and Pegs.

Saul calls CJ for pickup at Dominguez elementary school room 4 on South Santa Fe Avenue. Saul gives Pete some 9mil ammo but they donít have anything for Glenís 30-30 Winchester. While waiting, Glen and Pete tell the story about what happened at the colony. Gatekeeper told everyone that zombies had broken into the colony and that Victor and Michael had stolen their critical supplies. Glen told everyone that Victor wouldnít take all of their ammo. Glen was mad that they didnít tell him. Victor and Michael had left the colony with barely anything for defense. Glen accused Victor of helping Michael escape after he misused their radio, took their munitions and left Gatekeeper in charge, who you knew killed one of their own. They had followed the helicopter thinking that Michael would give them protection, but now they say that Michael is as screwed up as the rest. Pete and Glen want to go on their own way but Victor offers them a place at Dunbar tower, IF CJ approves. Glen told the story about how Gatekeeper actually improved the situation at the Colony. Michaels call attracted the Mallers who took over easily since the Colony was out of Ammo and Guns.

Saul starts freaking out when they tell him about the Mallers, he asks if they have seen Lizzy and Pete thinks he MIGHT have seen her.

Then Pete tells Saul that Lizzy is Pregnant.

[top]Part 3

Saul gets sick at the thought of Lizzy being pregnant, because it might not be his. Saul tells them the Story of what Burt and him found at the furniture story.
CJ approaches with the hummer and Saul warns that the zombies might be trying to wait them out. As they run for the hummer victor shoots a little one twice in the chest before a shot to head kills it. Pete confirms that the little one Victor shot is Roman so he had to have been changed to a little one from a bite from one.

Saul tells CJ that Lizzy is at the Colony with the Mallers. CJ doesnít seem to know how to process it. Glen and Pete are blind folded for the trip back to Dunbar apartments. CJ interrogates Glen and Pete, who show their scars from the Mallers, She doesnít think they are Mallers but will only let them stay in a Safe house for now.

CJ tells Saul that he is risking everyoneís lives by going after Lizzy. She is harsh on Saul too harsh for someone who is not supposed to care about him.
ďI know you, you run off with your heart and leave your brain behindĒ I know how to plan and you have nothing. Saul asks her for help as a friend and she tells them they are just tenants. Saulís replay is ďIs that all we are to you, Then you are one cold bitch.Ē

Saul finds a match for the Patch, it for National training centerÖIn Fort Irwin.



I know you, you run off with your heart and leave your brain behind

Is that all we are to you, Then you are one cold bitch



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