"Last Dying Breath"
Chapter Number28
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date4/2/2012
Part 2 Air Date4/9/2012
Part 3 Air Date4/16/2012
Characters in EpisodeSaul, Victor, CJ, Michael, Datu, Kelly, Pegs, Riley, Tanya, Kalani, Burt, Angel, Bill, Scratch, Hope, Pippen


Kalani's journal confession comes to a close. Michael, Tanya, Datu, Pegs, and Kelly put the pieces together from all they learn about Kalani's part in everything about the War. The Army starts processing the new arrivals at Fort Irwin and Tanya's bite is exposed. Saul and Victor learn more about Kalani's activities in CJ's building. They also fill CJ in on what they know about The Man in the Pinstripes Suit and the "special" types. CJ gets Saul and Victor to agree to investigate Ground Zero for her and the two men "find crack in Inglewood" with her supplies and planning. When the air supplies unexpectedly run low, they learn something very interesting about Saul and CJ takes them in long term.

[top]Part 1

The episode starts with Saul and Victor continuing to get information about Kalani from CJ. Their story merges with Michael and company's continued reading of Kalani's journal. In a combination of Kalani narrating and clips from previous episodes, the story continues after Kalani is rescued from the Arena and brought back to the tower. Kalani gives his brutally honest opinion of the Tower and the people in it saying they were led by "machismo army guys who couldn't tell their asses from a hole in the ground."

The story goes into detail on the 4th of July party that the Tower residents throw. Kalani fills in the story of what else happened that night outside the party that leads to the War. Kalani discovers Bill hiding all of the supplies and weapons/ammo that he stole. Kalani uses this information to blackmail Bill into giving up a rifle. Kalani then uses the radio (that Kelly taught him to use) to contact Scratch and the Mallers. He gives them information about the residents (esp. Michael, Angel, Saul, and Burt), about the party, and the lack of ammunition. Scratch gives him the order to cause confusion by firing his rifle at the ground after they get there and signal him. Kalani pleads with Scratch to know about his daughter, Hannah, but she doesn't talk anymore.

After a brief recap of the War and it's aftermath, Kalani talks about how he began to like the Tower residents and work with them. He doesn't contact the Mallers again and thinks that things are looking up and he might have a chance to get Hannah back. But then Pippen appears on the scene and Kalani knows that the Mallers won't let up. Kalani works out a plan to protect himself. He creates alibis in Datu in the Motorpool and Michael in the Tower and then creates a diversion by setting off the alarm in Burt's room. In the ensuing chaos, Kalani sneaks into the guard room where Hope and Pippen are. Using a suppressed pistol, Kalani executes Pippen (scaring the hell out of Hope) and cleans up the evidence leaving "no shell casings, no fingerprints" behind. Since he was going to LAX to work on the helicopter, Kalani figured he had time to "let things blow over at the Tower". Kalani then explains that this journal was his way of making sure that someone knows why he did what he did. And then it ends mid-sentence leaving Micheal, Tanya, and the rest wondering what else he had to say....

[top]Part 2

Part 2 opens with Michael and company reacting to Kalani's journal confession. Michael figures out that the Mallers killed Hannah (Kalani's daughter) which was the reason Kalani crashed his helicopter into the tanker in Chapter 24 - The Harder They Fall. Datu and Kelly point out that Kalani is the main cause for many bad things that happened to them and ultimately the lose of the Tower.

PVT. Carl Thomas comes to the barracks to tell everyone that they have to get a medical evaluation at Weed Medical by the staff. Tanya freaks out and declares that she "ain't going!" Thomas calls for backup and they grab Tanya, who is protesting and struggling a lot. She is taken to Weed.

CJ lets Saul and Victor watch the security camera footage of the day her building was attacked. Saul agrees that Kalani's activities were strange. CJ states that she's no longer worried about the Mallers but is still very concerned about "the one in the suit." Saul gives CJ all the info that he has about Pinstripes including tattoos and speculation that he was wearing a bulletproof vest to survive getting shot. Saul goes on to describe the various kinds of zombies he knows about: fast ones, jumpers, big ones, smart ones, skinny little ones, strong ones, weak ones, and that "stupid f'n tattooed one". Victor says he doesn't know anything about other zombies kinds done South at the Colony. CJ makes notes and ponders the information before making the pair of men an offer. She says that she will give them supplies and shelter if they will investigate Ground Zero for her. She says that several of her people reported feeling sick there. Victor confirms it. Cj speculates that the reason there are so many "special" zombies around the LA area may be because of Ground Zero. Saul and Victor counter offer to get an indefinite stay at CJ's tower. The trio eventually comes to an agreement where Saul and Victor head to Ground Zero in return for moving into the building.

Saul and Victor head out the next morning with CJ's provided scuba tanks, ammo, and supplies. CJ drops them outside the Ground Zero area, helps them get set up with the scuba gear, and sends them into the area in a vehicle. She also gives them a digital camera and tells them to get her some information about the area. The part ends with Saul and Victor driving on into Inglewood.

[top]Part 3

Part 3 opens with Saul and Victor driving into Inglewood with the scuba tanks and breathing masks on. They soon come up on blocked roads and have to leave the car and proceed on foot. As the pair walk further into the area, Victor comments that "there's blood everywhere and the houses are trashed." To which Saul responds, "They say this is where it all happened first." The see some bodies on the ground as they continue moving through the area.

Victor notices a haze in the air and Saul confirms he sees it too. Victor photographs the area as Saul asks hin about his past being an insurance salesman. Victor takes offense because Saul hasn't ever tried to learn about his personal background. That conversation ends when Saul points out an entire block burned to the ground.

The main road to downtown is filled with crashed cars, blood stains, and rotting bodies. But nothing that really stands out to the duo. A they walk on, Saul and Victor start discussing their conspiracy theories about how it all started. These include: alien spaceships, government agency experiments, witchcraft and wizards, rabid bats, and a crazy flying squid from the ocean with some sort of infectious goo. Victor notes that all the talking may be using up more of their air so they start heading back to the car. Saul theorizes that the area is just as inhospitable to the zombies as it is to the humans which is why they haven't seen anything. He offers to find out if they are alone in the area by firing off a shot from his rifle. Victor isn't very keen on the idea.

As the two walk and talk, Saul literally stumbles onto something: big cracks in the ground. The cracks run across the road and yards. It is narrow as they find it and it widens out as it runs across yards and by houses. At least one house has started falling into a crack beside it as the foundation goes into it. Victor and Saul follow the crack and find it widens out. Victor photographs it next to a dollar for scale and mentions that it's about 6 inches. They try to get as many photos of the cracks as possible including ones inside the crack. Saul reaches as far into the crack as he can to take pictures. He starts screaming and thrashing on the ground as Victor tries to pull him back. Saul's just joking with him and Victor gets very ticked off. They inspect the photos taken in the ground and don't really see anything other then noting that it's very deep: "further than any sewer or gas line".

Continuing back to the car, they see more cracks and talk about what they found. Victor starts acting strange and coughing. He mentions feeling lightheaded, coughs more, and then collapses. Saul sees that Victor's tank is empty and gets him up. They hurry towards the car trying to "buddy breathe" with Saul's mask (taking turns drawing air from the mask by passing it back and forth). They get back to the car, Victor has the mask and starts driving. Saul tells him to keep the mask and drive. As they drive away from the area, Saul tells Victor that the air seems to be cleared. Victor takes the mask off to try the aire but finds that it is still unbreathable for him. Saul seems to have no problem breathing however.

As they get further from the area, Saul is able to breathe without the mask but Victor cannot until they are well away. On the way back to the rendezvous spot, Victor freaks out a little over Saul's ability to breathe and be unaffected by the bad air. He yells "What are you!?!?" at Saul and then goes quiet until they meet up with CJ.

The men get mad at CJ about not providing enough air and giving them a faulty tank. Victor tells CJ about how the area didn't affect Saul. CJ explains that it's probably the IV antibiotics Saul is taking. Saul can't recall what medicines they were when asked. As CJ learns about what Victor and Saul found, she reveals that her crew had basically already seen them and that one of her people had started to turn as a result of going into Ground Zero. The pair of men are upset at CJ's continued secrecy and tell her it has to stop. She says it will and that they "are in." They head back to CJ's tower as she says "Welcome to Dunbar Apartments."



CJ: Who you gonna call?
Saul: Ghostbusters?
"Aw man. What did we get into. - Victor
"I hate going to the suburbs. Too many places for shit to hide. - Victor
"We found crack in Inglewood. Big surprise... - Saul



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