"The Harder They Fall"
Chapter 24
Chapter Number24
Number of Parts1
Written byKc Wayland
Audio EditorKc Wayland, Mike Horton, Grayson Stone
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date7/30/11
Character NarratorBurt, Michael, Saul
Characters in EpisodeMichael, Angel, Burt, Datu, Kalani, Kelly, Lizzy, Pegs, Riley, Saul, Victor, Tanya, Steven, Bricks, Tardust, Scratch, Hope


[top]Act I

As the chapter begins, Saul is heard finalizing his plans to exchange Pegs to the Mallers for Lizzy. Saul tells Scratch that Pegs is sedated as it was the only way to get her out. Scratch is mad because she wants Pegs awake, but tells Saul to bring Pegs to a golf course near Gardena on the 18th green in four hours. Burt is then heard asking, "That's it?" and it becomes clear that Saul is not going behind the Tower's back to trade Pegs and that he has a plan in mind. Burt wonders if Michael will be ok with the plan, or just shoot Saul as soon as he sees him. Saul doesn't care, saying the Tower has their two helicopters and he just wants their help before they leave. Michael is en route to Burt and Saul's location.

Burt narrates saying after the hospital ordeal, they flew to the Tower and dropped Angel off before flying to LAX where Pegs got some in flight training with Kalani. Kalani was concerned about being discovered by the Mallers while flying so they flew in areas the Mallers were known to not be before returning to LAX. When they finished the lesson, Saul arrived at LAX to tell them what he had done and what he planned to do. When they told Michael he was very angry.

Datu is still working on fixing the Jolly Green Giant, which is just about sealed, but that might not be the only problem left with it. They haven't been able to get the helicopter started. Michael arrives, and laces into Saul for creating the situation with the Mallers. Saul wants to know how Tanya is and Michael says she's fine and already up and working again. Angel was supposed to come back out to LAX but once Michael figured out what Saul had done, Angel had to stay behind. Saul tries to explain that he has a plan, and Michael counters saying he came up with the plan after he already called the Mallers with the idea of a trade. He and Saul argue about Saul's frame of mind and Saul admits he got desperate but is insulted that Michael thought he would actually trade Pegs to the Mallers. Michael realizes that everyone is listening, and snaps at them. Datu goes back to work on the helicopter sheepishly.

Michael wonders how Pegs did with her flight. Burt says she did alright but he isn't sure she's ready. Michael once again focuses on the exchange and learns when and where it's supposed to take place. He relieves Saul of being in charge of the operation after realizing the Tower has no control of any aspect of the trade, but admits he needs to take him with them because Saul brokered the deal and needs to be there. Burt says they might be able to scope out the area for the exchange, if they leave now. The group is joined by Riley and Victor who will also be there for the exchange. Michael says they have a sweat bottle to use in case they need to. They will go over the plan on the way to Gardena.

[top]Act II

Back at the Tower, Angel is organizing the supplies they have to go over to the adjacent Tower. Kelly asks if this is the last box to go over and if it's safe to go. Angel checks with Stephen to see if there are any "Kelly Gobblers" out there, but there aren't. Kelly snaps back at Angel calling him an ass. Kelly wonders what will happen to Lewis since he's still imprisoned for killing Pippin. Angel corrects her saying he's a suspect and not convicted of anything. Kelly says they need to figure it out soon since they won't be in the Tower much longer. Kelly asks Angel whats wrong but he shrugs her off and tells her to bring the box next door. Kelly tells him they'll be able to relax soon.

Angel checks with Stephen about the other landing site. He says it's going fine and that Tanya is over there at the moment. Angel says he's got the list of who's on what chopper and Stephen is thrilled he's on Kalani's and thanks Angel. Angel tells him there was a lottery so there's no reason to thank him. Stephen doesn't care, he's just happy to be getting the hell out of the Tower. Angel reveals they would be leaving after that night because Kalani and Michael were going to scope out Fort Irwin first. Just then, Angel notices something on the monitors. They zoom in on the south but see nothing. When they zoom in on the north, Angel sees something and asks "What is that?"

[top]Act III

The scene shifts to Saul, Michael, Burt, Victor, and Riley in the hummer en route to Gardena. Saul wants them to set the radio to channel 18 in case the Mallers try to get a hold of him early. Michael instead chooses to switch to channel 10 where Kalani is on the helicopter, informing them that the Bell helicopter is being refueled and the Jolly Green Giant is still being fixed. Michael confirms Kalani has seen the plan he left behind for him and switches the radio to channel 18. Riley, who has been chosen to play Pegs for the exchange, starts to change into Pegs clothes. She also wonders if she should start annoying the hell out of everyone to get into character. Michael shoots back that Riley got picked to be on Pegs helicopter, much to Riley's chagrin. Victor is concerned that Riley and Pegs look nothing alike, but Michael points out that Scratch has only ever seen Pegs at night through a window. Riley is confident that she'll be able to pull it off. Saul suggests putting a bag over her head, but Riley doesn't like the idea because she wants to be able to see if she needs to fight. Michael instructs them to put their plates on (from the flak jackets taken from the Reserve Base), and Riley wonders if she'll get one, too. Burt says no because it will look odd under her clothing.

Victor suggests taping a gun to her back, but Burt says it won't work and gives her his holster but accidentally touches her where she isn't comfortable. Burt apologizes and Riley does it herself. Victor jokes that Burt just got further with Riley than Angel has. Burt thought that was funny, but also thought it was strange it came from Victor and not someone like Saul. But Saul is preoccupied, because they are getting close to the golf course. Riley asks how she looks and Burt says she looks fine, but she should just keep her distance. Riley says she'll lighten the makeup, as Michael continues to go over the plan saying Burt and Victor will take up a position at a distance, Saul will approach the green with Riley, and Michael will stay hidden in the back to man the .50 caliber from the turret.

Burt and Victor get out of the hummer and the plan is set in motion. Saul drives to the 18th green and sees three mallers already there with Lizzy on her knees with a bag over her head. Saul shuts off the hummer once he's close enough and sees that one of the Mallers is talking on a radio, but he doesn't see Scratch. Michael says to look for others around, and Riley wonders if they should get out. Michael makes sure Riley has her gun and the sweat bottle and Saul gets out of the driver seat to go get her. As Saul gets Riley out, and calls out to the Mallers that he's early and so are the Mallers so it's alright.

A single gunshot is heard followed by Saul screaming "Lizzy!" and Riley screaming "No!" A firefight ensues between the Mallers on the green (as well as snipers in the trees), and the Tower group. The Tower easily dispatches the Mallers and are enraged at Lizzy's senseless killing. Victor says they need to leave because that exchange was too loud. Burt continues to fire round after round into dead Mallers to make sure they are dead, and to relieve some of the pain he's feeling. Michael apologizes to Saul for his loss. Victor keeps trying to get everyone back in the hummer so they can leave, saying the shooting is going to draw zombies to them. Michael asks what Saul wants to do with Lizzy's body, but Saul doesn't know. Michael goes to the body and discovers that the dead woman isn't Lizzy. It's just a redheaded woman wearing Lizzy's clothes. Michael realizes the Mallers had the same idea. Michael and Saul drag Saul back to the Hummer with Victor driving.

Riley comments about the trap, and Burt says it was a bad one because the now dead Mallers couldn't shoot for shit. Suddenly, Michael realizes what has happened: Scratch has set them up. Michael radios to the Tower and hears Angel and Kalani already in a conversation. The Tower is under attack. Michael tells Kalani to go with option C (meet the Hummer a close to the golf course so the hummer team can get on the helicopter and get to the Tower fast). They hear an explosion over the radio at the Tower, and Michael tells Angel to hold on. Suddenly, Scratch comes on the radio and taunts Michael saying he won't make it in time. Michael calls for radio silence since the Mallers can hear them. Michael explains that Scratch knew they'd send their best out for the exchange but she has obviously sent her worst. Saul apologizes, but Michael stops him. Saul and Victor decide to stay in the hummer to sneak up behind the Mallers while Michael, Burt and Riley return to the Tower with Kalani in the helicopter to try to get as many of the Tower residents out as possible.

[top]Act IV

Inside the Tower, Stephen and Angel try to figure out where the Mallers are attacking them from and what with. Stephen suggests trying to drive out of the Tower, but Angel ignores that idea. He contacts Kelly on walkie who is stuck in the adjacent Tower. She is still safe and wants to know if she should fight back. Angel tells her no and to stay hidden. Another explosion is heard. Stephen suggests they take the rope from the top of the Tower to the other helipad, but Angel says they are able to defend the Tower better than the other building and the Mallers don't know that building has Tower supplies and people.

[top]After Credits


The original "air date" of Chapter 24 was:
  • July 30, 2011

During the broadcast, 888 users were present on the forum which set a new traffic record for the site.

The chapter was originally streamed as a whole live on July 30, 2011 at 10am PST on zombiepodcast.com. The chapter was released later that day for download.


"Put him with the old man, I found what I was looking for" - Scratch in 24 - The Harder They Fall



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