"The Devil's Workshop"
Chapter 23
Chapter Number23
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date6/20/11
Part 2 Air Date6/27/11
Part 3 Air Date7/11/11
Character NarratorBurt, Michael, Saul, Riley
Characters in EpisodeMichael, Angel, Burt, Datu, Kalani, Kelly, Lizzy, Pegs, Riley, Saul, Victor, Tanya, Steven, Bricks, Tardust, Scratch, Randy


[top]Part 1

The chapter begins with Kalani, Angel, Riley, and Burt running away from a horde of zombies coming at them from both directions. Riley tells them to go into a room, and Kalani says there's no way out and they are trapped in there.

Burt takes over as narrator, but isn't sure where to begin so he starts telling the story a few hours after Saul left LAX. Burt tried to raise him on the radio, but Saul isn't responding. Victor tells him to give it up because Saul probably can't hear him, but Burt says Saul still has his CB radio and should be able to. Victor says that means Saul isn't listening and Burt should help Victor with his task. Burt had figured Saul was wising up, but apparently he was wrong. Kalani is still training Pegs on how to fly the helicopter they are working on fixing up. Datu is still trying to fix the hydraulic line that was shot, and so far has been unsuccessful. Datu starts to explain what he's tried and why it didn't work, but Burt doesn't understand what he's saying. Kalani doesn't understand either because he's not a mechanic, but he has faith Datu can fix it because he fixed the bullet ridden generator at the Tower. Datu mentions how if the generator breaks, they don't fall thousands of feet, to which Burt agrees and tells Datu to take his time.

Kalani and Burt are prepping to leave for a mission and Victor asks again if he can join them, and Burt again tells him no. Victor needs to stay and protect Datu, Pegs and the helicopter. Datu takes offense, and Burt tells him it's better to have Victor there so Datu isn't looking over his shoulder every 60 seconds and can work on fixing the helicopter. Victor says they need him on the mission, and that he's better than Riley. Burt agrees, but says he still can't go. Kalani mentions that Riley has been to the hospital before and knows it better than anyone else and that the hospital is a very dangerous place. Burt asks if Kalani is chickening out on him, and Kalani brings up fighting off the Behemoth at the Army Base, and continued to tell the story but Burt's narration interrupts him and he mentions how he stopped listening to Kalani's story.

The narration continues and Burt, and Kalani pick up Angel and Riley at the Tower. On the drive to the hospital, Kalani has high hopes that the chopper found on top of the hospital will fly because medevac choppers are highly maintained. Angel, once again, is ragging on Kalani because he assumes every vehicle they encounter will just start up despite having been sitting for months now and also: they will need a key. This time, though, Kalani knows what he's talking about and says the helicopter will start and the keys won't be far. Burt says it's probably like a military vehicle with check in and out log and the keys would be near by. Burt says he and Kalani have talked over the plan before they picked them up, and Burt has backup plans if need be. This sends the conversation spiraling into Angel complaining about not being in charge, yet again. Riley stops the two guys from fighting over it. They see the hospital from a few blocks away and Burt goes on to describe it as one of the oldest and largest hospitals in the area.

Back at the Tower, Michael is still hoping to hear from Saul. Tanya says he'll come back. Michael says if he takes much longer they might not be there when he tries to come back. Tanya wonders what will happen to Lewis when they leave. Michael says if they can prove he did it, Lewis stays. Tanya says they have taken Pippin's body out back and burned it but she wasn't sure why that was necessary. She and Michael get into an argument about dead bodies and who or what might be digging them up. Tanya asks Michael if he read all the journals, and he gets short with her and says no. Tanya gets annoyed with Michael's snippy attitude towards her and storms off to help bring supplies to the adjacent building. Michael lights up a cigarette when someone calls to him saying there's a group of biters coming their way. Michael immediately goes after Tanya.

By the time Michael gets downstairs, Tanya is already gone. He and Steven rushes outside to try to find her. They get to the adjacent building and tell Kelly and the others to lock themselves in. He and Steven go around the opposite side of the building and see a clump of zombies moving together, protecting one in the middle who is dragging Tanya away. Steven fires off the first shots and draw the attention of the clump of zombies, some of which peel off the group to attack. Steven continues to take out those that are attacking them, while Michael tries to shoot the one in the center of the group. Kelly also joins the fray. Michael runs after the zombie dragging Tanya and when he finally hit the zombie with a shot, it dropped Tanya and Michael saw its face. He shouts, "Randy!" before the zombie was able to duck behind a building and out of sight. Michael, Steven, and Kelly drag Tanya back into the Tower. As they got back into the Tower, more zombies appeared from surrounding buildings. Tanya was brought upstairs and chained to the bed Saul was in. Steven is in the guard room, observing the zombies as they are hanging around outside, not necessarily trying to get in. Michael uses the camera to try to look for something (or someone) but can't find them. Steven notes how this might be a good thing, because the Tower now has extra security guards.

Per Burt's plan, when they arrive at the hospital Burt and Riley wait in the lobby and Kalani and Angel go inside to try to find the helicopter. Riley has her bow with her which Kalani doesn't understand since she has a gun. Riley reminds him she hit the Behemoth in the eye with an arrow and also insults Kalani's weight. Kalani reminds her the arrow didn't stop it, and he is hurt that people still make fun of his weight. Burt says Kalani is still big unlike the rest of them who have lost weight because of the small amounts of food they are eating. Burt describes the lobby full of artwork of ancient healers. Kalani notices blood, but Riley says it was there when she explored the hospital last time. The two teams split up.

While outside, Burt continues to work on the device he had been working on at LAX, and Riley opens a flask to take a drink. Burt stops her saying Michael said she isn't to have any more alcohol. Riley claims it was to calm her nerves, but Burt makes her put it away. Riley sounds depressed at the idea of flying to Fort Irwin because they are always running away from their problems when a howl is heard in the distance, and the sound of zombies growling and approaching is heard. Burt calls to Angel that they have to turn around so they can all get out of the area, but Burt and Riley decide to go up to them instead. While running upstairs, Burt stops to look out the window and describes the zombies carrying dead bodies, and alive and unturned bodies while surrounding the hospital. Burt remarks that the zombies resembled an army.

[top]Part 2

Saul begins describing the destruction of the Arena, saying that half of it had collapsed but the other half was pretty much in tact. He was about to consider it a bust, until he saw a flipped truck near one of the blast sights with open doors. Inside the flipped truck, he discovers a map that indicates the Mallers were at the Arena and tries to decipher where they might be headed next. While trying to figure out the Mallers movements, he finds Lizzy's bag in the backseat. Inside her bag, Saul discovers the tape recorder Lizzy was using to make her journal entries when she was expelled from the Tower. He tries to play the tape but the recorder's batteries are dead. Saul takes the tape to his car and plays it on the tape deck.

The recordings Lizzy made are short. Starting with the recording heard just before she was kidnapped, Saul also hears Lizzy describe the direction she was being taken (Up 110 North), the ambush by the Man in the Pinstriped Suit including a brief mention of the Little Ones, and finally two recordings of the attack on the Arena. Lizzy is pleading for help as she is stuck in the truck. Tardust and Scratch are both heard screaming more are coming, and Tardust screams they have to get Lizzy or she'll leave them. Lizzy leaves a message for Saul on the recording in the hopes that anyone should find it: "Tell Saul I love him." Saul tearfully replies "I love you, too" as the recording continues to play. Scratch is heard screaming and tires squeal as the Mallers escape the scene. The recording continues to play as Saul takes in what he just heard and composes himself. Faintly in the background, a zombie appears to order others around him, "Move" along with the sound of rushing footsteps away from the recorder.

The scene shifts back to the hospital where Riley and Burt still have not found Angel and Kalani and are lost. Burt and Riley try to find a map to figure out where they are, and keep trying to get Angel to find where they are. Kalani says they are in Physical Therapy, while Burt and Riley are in Cardiology. Now knowing where each other are, Burt and Riley head towards Kalani and Angel and they meet in the stairwell. Burt insists they continue moving up and away from the Army of Zombies downstairs. But the wing of the building they are in does not connect to the roof where the helicopter is. An loud argument ensues about how to get the the heli-pad. Riley tries to get them to be quiet but it's too late and the zombies locate them in the stairwell. We now hear a repeat from Part 1 as Riley, Angel, Kalani, and Burt escape the zombies and lock themselves in a room.

The room they chose was the On Call room which had no other way out. Kalani blocks the door with a cabinet since the door's lock doesn't work. Kalani holds onto the handle so the zombies can't get in while the others try to figure out how to escape. They have some ammo, but not enough to successfully kill all the zombies waiting outside the door. Angel finds bed sheets that they can use to make a rope and lower themselves to a roof top a few floors below them. Kalani and Burt immediately aren't thrilled with the idea since they are larger than Riley and Angel. Riley just isn't thrilled with the idea at all. Angel tells them they'll do it because they have to, and to help tie the sheets together. Kalani knows the knot to use so he teaches the rest of them and they take turns building the rope.

They tie the rope off, and Kalani decides to go first because if the rope holds him, it will hold the others too. Angel says to lower Riley down first so she doesn't have to climb. Kalani lowers the rope down and with Riley safely harnessed into Burt's backpack. Kalani followed but when he was nearly to the rooftop, the sheets ripped destroying the rope and the only hope for Angel and Burt to escape. Burt wrapped a walkie talkie and dropped it below so they could communicate with Kalani and Riley. Kalani tries to figure out how they will rescue Angel and Burt, but Burt says there is no way. He wants Riley and Kalani to leave them and get the helicopter. Both Kalani and Riley refuse to believe there is no hope to help their friends, but Burt insists they get left behind so the Tower gets the second helicopter they need to escape L.A. Angel tries to convince Burt to think of another way out, but eventually Burt makes Angel convince Riley and Kalani to go. Angel calls Riley on the walkie and after an emotional exchange, Riley and Kalani walk back inside the hospital leaving Angel and Burt to their fate.

[top]Part 3

Despite seemingly abandoning Burt and Angel, Riley and Kalani are searching for the generators outside of the building. They don't tell Burt and Angel what they are doing because they won't listen to them anyway and Riley isn't sure her plan will work anyway. Kalani wants to tell them in case Burt and Angel decide to "take a dirt nap." They enter a door into the Cain Mental Hospital, an unmarked portion of the hospital not on any of the maps. Riley remarks about the smell, and also notices that there is old and fresh blood stains on the ground. Riley wants to turn around, but Kalani says they need to push forward. They notice that there are nails on the ground, but Kalani says it doesn't feel like metal. Riley says they are fingernails. In one of the rooms, they noticed bloody clippers and files. Near that, they notice a device in one of the rooms described as a sharp metal pen attached to a motor and battery. Kalani notices a needle in the device. The room next to it, the door had been broken out and inside that room were a bunch of needles, some broken glass and a very bloody bed.

Riley and Kalani go to investigate more when they hear a door slam. They run to the end of the hall where there is a door with a key already in it. Riley narrates as they see a silhouetted man calmly and confidently walk into the center of the hallway they were just standing in. Kalani recognizes it as the Man from the center of the Arena (presumably the same one Datu described in Chapter 10). Riley wants Kalani to shoot it, but he's afraid it will be too loud so Riley tries to shoot the figure with an arrow. As she draws the bow, the figure laughs. The man catches the arrow in his disfigured hand much to the surprise of Kalani and Riley. Kalani and Riley escape locking the man in the hallway, thankful it didn't call others to their location.

Riley and Kalani discover the generators that power the hospital. The first two have no fuel, but the third one never kicked on when the power failed. Kalani thinks the third one doesn't power the main building so they will have to siphon the gas out of it and into one of the other ones.

Back upstairs, Angel is still holding onto the door handle to keep the zombies. As Angel readjusts his grip, he realizes that Burt made yet another movie reference when he said "Get to the chopper." Burt says it was a coincidence. Angel wonders if the zombies will tire out, Burt says no. They'll just wait them out like they did in the gun shop. Angel agrees, and says they should just do it now before they get weak and tired. Angel wants to take out as many as he can before they get him. Burt wants to make sure they hear the helicopter leave before they do anything. They hear something that they assume is the helicopter, so both Burt and Angel prepare themselves for their final battle. Angel says they'll go on three, but when he reaches 2 Kalani calls Burt on the radio trying to figure out how his C-4 contraption works, stopping the countdown.

Burt wonders why they aren't in the chopper, and Riley asks if they see the emergency lights on. Kalani tells them they have the elevator working, but they don't have much time. The fuel had to be spread out. Angel freaks out that the C-4 will kill them too, but Burt says this is exactly what he was working on this for. Burt instructs Kalani on how to set up the device, and he'll take care of the rest. Kalani sets the device per instruction and when they arrive on the floor where the zombies have Burt and Angel pinned, Kalani throws the bomb out. Kalani and Riley rise another half floor and stop the elevator. They hear over the walkie as Burt cries out for help (to lure the zombies to the sound), followed by an explosion. Angel calls to Kalani to bring the elevator back, and both he and Burt get on the elevator as the shoot the zombies not blown up in the explosion.

The team take the elevator to the top floor where en route Riley expresses how glad she is both Burt and Angel are alive. Burt comments about how funny it would be if the helicopter isn't there. Angel, laughing, wonders why in the world Burt would even suggest that. On the roof, they find a Bell Helicopter tied down. Angel takes out the chocks for the wheels, as Kalani goes around untying the blades, and Burt and Riley search for keys. As Riley takes keys to try out to Kalani, the elevator bell dings and the zombies come rushing out. Burt, Angel, and Riley hold the zombies at bay as Kalani starts up the helicopter to take them to safety. As they fly away from the hospital, Burt narrates how he nearly accepted his death for the third time, and maybe there was still a purpose for him in this life.

The scene shifts to Saul at Eastern Bay, where he finally reestablishes contact with the Tower. Kelly is manning the radio at the Tower and wonders if he was coming back in. He says he wanted to see if the Mallers were at the place where they came from first. Kelly says Eastern Bay which makes Saul cringe slightly saying he didn't want to say exactly where he was. Kelly defends herself saying he pretty much already said it. He says they aren't there and he's coming back in. Saul changes the channel and checks to see if Kelly is listening on that channel. When he is sure the Tower isn't listening, Saul addresses the Mallers saying he knows they're listening and he demands to speak to Durai or anyone saying he won't stop until they answer him. Scratch does. Saul says they have someone close to him and he wants her back. Scratch says it might be true but what does it matter. Saul replies, "What if I got someone you want?" and with a final radio static click, the chapter ends.


The original "air dates" of Chapter 23 were:
  • Part 1: June 20, 2011
  • Part 2: June 27, 2011
  • Part 3: July 11, 2011

This chapter contains a thank you to the SAG Foundation's Don Lafontaine's Voice Over Lab before each chapter part.





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